Let’s face it we all could use some help sometimes, and who better to provide some assistance than that intuitive little companion we drag everywhere in the world with us, our phone! Whether you want to experience the world for all it offers, or just want to get to your vacation destination as easily as possible, these apps can help you get where you need to go.


For those of us who have ever had trouble sticking to an itinerary, or taken issue with making one in the first place, this android travel app helps soften the barrier making travel easier for both planners and the spontaneous alike. This all in one itinerary service hails as the ultimate trip planning organizer, seeking to systematize every aspect of your journey from the initial flight, to the necessities you’ll need as you embark into the unknown. On a simplistic level this mobile application has the capability to track your destinations, reservations, travel info., shopping, and finance, but as you scroll around a bit, and start to explore the application you’ll find it does so much more than that. The dynamic functionalities ingrained within this software will not only let you know when to deviate from your course, but how to do so. Here, you’ll find maps, weather updates, daily transport routes; virtually everything you could possibly need to plan and “un-plan” your trip, right at the touch of your fingertips!

World Travel Guide

Whether you’re on the go, or just preparing, we all you could use a little nudge in the right direction sometimes. That’s why the folks over at Triposo have been so gracious as to provide us with the World Travel Guide. This app seeks to bring to light some of the lesser known treasures of this mysterious world of ours. With over 50,000 destinations, and 3 million points of interest, you’d be surprised at what gems you could find right around the corner. What’s more is, this highly clouted platform, utilizes specialized tagging algorithms and a brilliant scoring system that aims to bring to you the most accurate results, every time. Throw in some high quality sources and some AI computing into the mix and you’ve got, quite frankly, one hell of an application.


Tired of all the hassle of planning your own itinerary? Well travel freaks, rejoice, and struggle no longer with the latest commodity from TripIt. This handy little mobile application will save you both time and aggravation as it autonomously weaves all those loose ends of your trip into one comprehensive itinerary that even the most traversely-challenged could adhere to. Simply forward all of your confirmation e- mails, and sit back and relax while TripIt does all the hard work for you. But, there’s more… Tripit also includes an area where users can upload all those pesky travel documents that always seem SO difficult to hang onto. That’s right; no more anxiously sifting through pockets in long airport lines, or double, even triple checking that we brought the correct little piece of paper. And if that wasn’t enough, TripIt hits us with one last game changer – travel plan sharing. Whether you’re traveling in a large group or as a couple, when you use TripIt, you can rest assured all your travel companions are on the same page.

Seat Alerts

If you’re a bit picky about your seating arrangements, then this mobile application is just the one for you. Seat Alerts, an app regularly touted as the frequent flyers’ best friend, allows users to set mobile alerts when seats of certain designated criteria open up. Easy to use and user-friendly, to get started you simply select your flight, choose you desired arrangement, and kick back as you await further notification. And if a better spot does open up, you’ll have the glorious privilege of being the first one to know – It’s hard to believe we once lived without it.


Okay, so we all know there are a TON of food-finding apps on the market – just take a look at any app store. But just as we’ve all begun to accept the monotony, bam, here comes Foodspotting, an innovative new mobile application aimed at elevating the food app standard of the world. Already topping the charts, this fantastic little app, which can only be explained as a creation of the Instagram G-ds, creatively meshes aspects of well, food pornography, with the intuitiveness of the Yelp platform. No matter where you go in the world, just look in your pocket, and you’ll not only get a glimpse of all the wonderful food around you, but a look at just how you’d image it’d taste. Gluttons beware; downloading this app comes at a cost!

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