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Budget Traveling in Bogota

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Sitting at around 2,600 meters above sea level, Bogotá  Distrito Capital is more than just Colombia’s capital city. It is the heart of Colombia, which has definitely progressed from its image of drug-related violence and danger back in the 1990s.

Two decades later, Bogotá is now a changing landscape teeming with a vibrant atmosphere of art and culture mixed with its fair share of architecture, history, and fine cuisine. No wonder, it is rising in popularity as a tourist destination in South America.

While many may already be aware that traveling to Colombia’s largest city is not really expensive, this article will discuss exploring Bogotá with a limited budget of just a hundred bucks (or approximately 300,000 Colombian peso). Read on for a few tips and guidelines to enjoy Bogotá’s rich historical and cultural scene on a budget.


Lodging in Bogota ranges from cheap hostels to midrange and luxury hotels, charging as low as 4 USD per night to over 100 USD for the fanciest rooms.

Staying in La Candelaria, Bogota’s historic center, can be convenient and economical since this is where most tourist destinations are located, but it is not the safest area to spend the night.

The most recommended area to stay is in Zona T or Zona Rosa. Although accommodation rates may be a bit pricier than in La Candelaria, the area is more secure, and has shopping centers, restaurants, and bars that can keep travelers entertained. Plus, Zona T offers a raging nightlife for tourists to enjoy!
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5 Free Apps Every Explore Needs in Their Travel Arsenal

Let’s face it we all could use some help sometimes, and who better to provide some assistance than that intuitive little companion we drag everywhere in the world with us, our phone! Whether you want to experience the world for all it offers, or just want to get to your vacation destination as easily as possible, these apps can help you get where you need to go.


For those of us who have ever had trouble sticking to an itinerary, or taken issue with making one in the first place, this android travel app helps soften the barrier making travel easier for both planners and the spontaneous alike. This all in one itinerary service hails as the ultimate trip planning organizer, seeking to systematize every aspect of your journey from the initial flight, to the necessities you’ll need as you embark into the unknown. On a simplistic level this mobile application has the capability to track your destinations, reservations, travel info., shopping, and finance, but as you scroll around a bit, and start to explore the application you’ll find it does so much more than that. The dynamic functionalities ingrained within this software will not only let you know when to deviate from your course, but how to do so. Here, you’ll find maps, weather updates, daily transport routes; virtually everything you could possibly need to plan and “un-plan” your trip, right at the touch of your fingertips!

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7 Ways to Have More Meaningful Travel Experiences

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Ideally, traveling should not be just about taking selfies on a long trip to impress your friends on social media. When you go on a trip, there are certain key activities you can perform in order to have a more meaningful travel experience. The world has so much to teach us that we must strive to gain as much as we can from our travels. There are several things that can help you grow as a person. Here are a few great examples:

Take Time to Understand the Local Language

When you go to a foreign land, you will find that you may not understand the restaurant menus or the street signs. Additionally, hand signs may not be sufficient for you to inquire something from the local population. However, use the time you have to gain an understanding of the local language. For one, it is a great way for you to avoid boredom on long trips. A new language is both a challenging and fun experience.

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6 Tips for Traveling to Hawaii on a Budget

Over 7 million people travel to Hawaii
each year to lounge on the sand and take in the beautiful views of the ocean. The island boasts spectacular views of evening sunsets and a relaxing environment that will allow you to escape. For those who are planning a trip to Hawaii and are on a budget, considering these technologies and the important tips below.

Get Groceries When You Arrive

When you’re traveling to Hawaii on a budget, it’s important to book a hotel room that features a kitchenette to ensure that you have a place to meal prep and cook food instead of dining out for each meal during the day. You’ll save hundreds of dollars during your trip by visiting the grocery store after you arrive. You can also stay at a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast each morning to save more money with a free meal. Although purchasing food at the grocery store can cost more than on the mainland, the farmer’s market is a great place to score low deals on fresh produce and meat that is locally sourced.

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