Traveling is a such a rewarding and fun way of seeing the world that you almost never want to come home. However, many of us do, as we need to make the cash to fund our next trip. But did you think about the fact that you can earn money while you’re on the road, so you can truly be a digital nomad. Here’s some of the best ways to make money while you’re on an adventure.

Rent your Car

Why let your car sit unused while you’re thousands of miles away? It’s a waste of untapped income. There are services like Turo that will rent out your car for you while you’re away. If that sounds a little scary, remember that some companies will insure your car for up to $1 million while it’s under their care. Ask around and you could make some good cash for pretty much doing nothing!

Sell your Photos

If you’re traveling, there’s no doubt that you’re taking some fantastic photos along the way. If you have some particularly good photos, why not sell them to a stock image service like Shutterstock? Websites are always looking for stock images, and you’ll be paid every time they use one of yours.

Write for Academic Sites

This is a great tip for students or recent graduates who are off exploring for the first time. Academic writing is always in demand, and it doesn’t matter where you do it. If you’re well versed in your subject you can make some good money writing for academic sites. Sites such as CiteItIn, Academized, Assignment Help, BoomEssays, EssayRoo and UKWritings are always looking for writers. Take a look at what they do and see if you could help them out.

Sell your Crafts on the Move

Are you a crafty kind of person? Do you love making things? Then you could do this while you’re traveling and make some money. You can become a traveling craft vendor, selling your wares out of a car or van at flea markets. You could also sell your wares online on sites like Etsy, if you have reliable access to local post offices. If you’re in an area where you can collect natural resources, such as sea glass, you could make some unique and valuable pieces.

Acting as a Courier

If you’re taking a road trip, why not help someone out and get paid as you do so? There’s plenty of people who need items delivered somewhere on your route, and are willing to pay. Look up some courier sites that are asking for people traveling your route. You can make some extra cash without doing any extra work!

Work in your Hostels

Hostels are a great option for accommodation. They’re safe, cosy, and cost a lot less than other options. If you’re interested in saving some cash, ask whether you can actually work for the hostel you’re staying at. Some will offer a day’s stay in exchange for work around the building. It’s a good way of essentially getting a bed for the night for free.

Try your Hand at Busking

Can you sing? Juggle? Play an instrument? If you have any entertaining skills, then you could earn yourself some spending money by busking on the streets. There are busking forums online, so go check out whether that’s something you could do in the countries you’re traveling to.

As you can see, there’s lots of ways to make money while you’re traveling, and none of them require you to take too much time or effort away from the fun you’re having. Give these a try and you’ll have all the cash you need to continue your travels.

About the Author:

Mary Walton is a professional editor at She lived in Australia for 10 years and gained her degree in creative writing at the University of Melbourne. Her current freelance role allows her to travel around the world and take in different cultures. In her spare time, she also loves surfing, and expressing her creative side through painting. Read Mary’s blog here.