If this is your first time venturing into a  new city or country, it is a must that you are prepared with some travel do’s and don’ts. Remember that you are out of your comfort zone whenever you travel and it is not wise to be unprepared for different situations.

Here is some travel advice that will come in handy as you go and discover the world.

Travel Do’s:

Always Wear Your Passport:

Carry a small bag, or belt bag, that is attached to your body where you can put all of your necessary travel documents, like your passport and plane ticket.

Download A Translator or Dictionary App:

If you are going to a place where English is not the native language or a place where you won’t understand what they are saying, it is best that you come prepared with a translator app. Google Translate is always handy so make sure that you have it on your mobile device. If you don’t have a smartphone, then kick it old school with a pocket dictionary.

Be Friendly:

It is true that you should not talk to strangers but in the case of being a foreigner to a strange place, it is always a smart move to make some friends. I’m not saying that you put all your trust in the people you meet right away. Just get to know other travelers or locals, learn about their culture, the good dining places and any hidden treasures they can tell you about! Make friends, they are great for travel advice and you’ll never know when you will need them should you run in trouble.

Travel Don’ts:

Don’t Park In A Sidewalk Canal:

If you ever drive a car or rent one in your travel destination, make sure that you park it far from a sidewalk canal, especially when it is near a drainage. Why? Because when it rains, there is a chance that the streets get flooded and flood water could enter your car. But that is not the only concern here because sometimes, a mouse could get in your car along with the flood water. This has happened to me before and boy did I regret it. It will be such a pain to get the mouse out of your car. The stench of its smell could really ruin your car’s ambiance and it is also not healthy.

Don’t Give All Your Personal Details:

Meeting a stranger when traveling is so common that you could easily make friends with them. But in order to protect yourself from some scammers out there, make sure that you don’t give full details of your personal life.

Don’t Keep all of your cash in one place:

It is always a good idea to have cash on you when you travel, but you should never keep it all in one place. Spread it around your bags, have some in your suitcase, some in your backpack, and have some on you at all times. That way if someone happens to pickpocket you, or to take your backpack, you will have back up cash that will help you get to where you need to go.

These are just some simple travel dos and don’ts that will come in handy when you decide to get out there and explore. Have fun and be safe!


About the Author:

David is the founder of Carunderstanding  and he is passionate in everything related to travel, food, culture and cars. He travels around the world to discover new adventures, meet new people and learn their customs. He is also on the hunt for the latest stuff involving cars in different countries or cities. He offer tips and advice for pretty much anything under the sun, especially if this involves cars.