How to Become a Travel Blogger- 9 First Steps

Travel stories, their tribulations, trials, and adventures are worth sharing. The best way for modern travelers and adventurers to share these stories is by establishing travel blogs. While starting a travel blog may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be something challenging. You just need a step-by-step guide to make the process easier for you.

Here are 9 steps that you should follow to become a travel blogger:

Step 1: Select a name for your travel blog

This is the most important and challenging step of the process of becoming a travel blogger. Basically, you should choose a name that encapsulates your message and brand. The name should be memorable and short. Remember that people will refer you with your blog name. They will also use it to find you online. A long-worded name is hard to remember. It also means you will have fewer organic searches, visits, and even shares. Therefore, don’t overuse words, numbers, and hyphens. Also think in long-term because changing a blog name is not fun or easy.

Step 2: Choose a host

There are numerous free hosting platforms but using any of them means you don’t have control over your blog. It literally means if something goes wrong with the host, your blog will also be affected negatively. With a paid host however, you have total control over the management of your blog. Thus, you control how the blog looks and you can even earn money from the blog. Hosting a travel blog gives it a more professional look.

Step 3: Plan your travel blog

Formulate thoughts, do mind maps and brainstorm. What do you want to represent with your blog? Think about the theme, message, target readers, content that you will post on the blog, your brand, images, tagline, and logo of your blog. Focus on achieving the objective of establishing a travel blog.

Step 4: Learn to use WordPress

When compared to other blogging platforms, WordPress is the industry standard. It has been used by travel bloggers for years. It has many useful tutorials that will teach you everything you want to know about it. Therefore, don’t feel intimidated by WordPress. Take time to learn how to tweak your blog’s settings, how to use the dashboard, and how to post articles. You will improve your skills by practicing everything. If you don’t get answers to your questions from thetutorials, use search engines to find them.

Step 5: Get a professional travel blog theme

A WordPress blog has standard themes. Although you can play around with these in the beginning, you should eventually get a premium design to give your blog a more professional look. A professional theme will improve the functionality and look of your blog. If you have a web design background, you can tweak the design of your theme to customize it acts and looks. You can also ask about theme customization on the support forum.

Step 6: Download and install important plug-ins

Additional plug-ins give a blog more features. Some of them are free while you will pay for others.

Some of the plug-ins that you may need for your blog includes:

    • Yoast SEO
    • Akismet
    • WPtouch
    • WP-Optimize
    • Easy Social Share Buttons

Step 7: Start blogging

Write important pages for your blog. These include the About Us Page and posts that you want to publish on your blog. Posting this content will give you an online presence immediately. The About Us Page is very important because many people visit it first. Therefore, post a story that enables readers to connect with you, follow you on your journey and even want to get in touch with you.

Step 8: Build a Mailing List

Don’t leave this step until you have a fully functional blog. Instead, start building connections and a community right away. Use a tool like MailChimp to build a mailing list for your blog.

Step 9: Use Social Media

Social media provides an incredible way to share, connect and establish a community for your blog. Each social media network has its purpose and it works in a certain way. Know how to use each of them to promote your travel blog.

These steps will enable you to become a travel blogger. However, becoming a successful travel blogger requires effort and commitment. You must be consistent to keep your audience engaged, informed and entertained. But, if you are passionate about travel blogging, you won’t quit even when faced with challenges.

About the Author:

Bria Pierce is freelance writer with a keen passion in traveling and personal development. She believes in the power of motivation as well as hard work as keys to success.  Bria cannot image her life without writing so it’s her occupation, her hobby and her way of living. Visit her website   and follow her on twitter.


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