Vacationing should have a different flavor each time. And when you’re in the US, that is all the more reasons to look forward to matchless adventures and excitement. Hotels become the first aspect of holiday planning that you think about when traveling. Your honeymoon, romance or even a family vacation can become unforgettable if you go for a thrilling combination of adventure and style. The US is world famous for different theme based hotels that offer truly exquisite experience to fun-loving travelers.

Fancy a hotel that takes you to nomadic lifestyle or one that will present you with a studious aura as that of a library? What if you are taken to a world that revives your old school memories or a hotel that gives you a time machine experience of receding to your granny’s vintage time? These are not mere imagination-talks, US hotels have all this and even more to offer for you. Prepare to have a thrilling time with your beloved, friends or family.

We bring to you a quick list of seven most unusual hotels in USA that you may consider for checking-in for making your US trip memorable like never before.

The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

We bet you’ve never seen an inhabitable beagle as big as this one. If you are an animal lover, then this could be just the right place for your retreat. The Dog Bark Park Inn, owned by chainsaw artists Dennis & Frances, is a hotel in the form of a huge beagle, and is thronged by guests and visitors to view folk-art style wooden carvings of different breeds and poses of dogs. Guests enter the beagle’s body through the second-story deck. There is a loft room at the head of the dog with additional sleeping space. The hotel is located halfway between Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks and is surrounded by Camas Prairie where wheat, barley, canola, blue grass & hay flourish.

El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas, USA

El Cosmico Hotel, in Marfa Texas, located in the high plain deserts at an altitude of 4800 feet, makes you live a ‘nomadic life’. Instead of clichéd furnished bedrooms, its accommodation set ups include vintage trailers, safari tents, nomadic teepees, Mongolian yurts and tent campsites. For travelers desiring more adventure and fun, there is provision for hammock grove, an outdoor kitchen and dining area, a community lounge, and a reading room. El Cosmico offers a temporary liberating experience from the chaos of urban life.

The Library Hotel, New York, USA

With The Library Hotel, New York makes a case as the best lodging spot for the book lovers. The hotel has a total of 60 guestrooms distributed over 10 floors, all in a library format. It houses a collection of over 6,000 books – all organized according to DDC or Dewey Decimal Classification system. Each floor honors one of the 10 DDC categories including themes of Literature, Technology, Arts, History, etc., making available many popular and canonical collections to avid readers. Adding to the impact, there’s also a writer’s den, poetry garden and reading room.

Winvian, Litchfield Hills, Connecticut, USA

Situated in Connecticut and bordered with dense woods and lakes, Winvian is a stunning 113-acre boutique resort made up of 18 different theme-based cottages. The cottage designs range from quirky helicopter style to the neoclassical ‘Secret Society’, a high temple to romance. Other theme-based cottages like classic Library, Woodlands and Beaver Lodge equally fascinate travelers from all parts of the world.

Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah, USA

Set deep within the luminous canyons of Utah, Amangiri Canyon Point promises to be one of the most visually-striking vacation getaway zones of USA. Located within a protected valley, the suites offer an awesome window view of its surroundings of dunes, plateaus and mountain ridges. An in-built wellness spa zone boosts health and harmony of guests.

Mcmanamins Kennedy School, Portland, Oregon

Mcmanamins, located very close to Portland International Airport, takes you back to your good old school days, this time allowing you things that your school forbade you, like enjoying a whiskey, puffing a cigar, watching a movie and retreating to your heart’s content. This fantastic scholastic hotel has guestrooms designed like complete classrooms with original chalkboards and edifying ambience. A perfect destination for a communal hangout, there is a restaurant including multiple small bars, a movie theater and a brewery.

Earthship, Taos, New Mexico

Absolutely distinctive and novel, this remote hideaway hotel is world’s one of the top eco-stays. Made from glass bottles and discarded tires, the hotel also maintains an integrated water system that enables indoor food growing mechanism. Earthship hosts a smart greenhouse, and a snow-collecting cistern that takes care of the water requirement. Sticking to its eco-friendly regime, there are solar panels for power and electricity!