Powerful Tips To Help Fund Your Australian Holiday With Crowdfunding

The time has come for you to make your dream Australian Holiday a reality, but for one reason or another you don’t have the financial means to accomplish this all on your own. This is where an option like crowdfunding can make dreams come true. Crowdfunding is a way to set up a virtual campaign and raise funds from a larger crowd. However, this process is a bit more challenging than just joining a site and asking for money.

So, if you’re serious about funding your Australian Holiday via crowdfunding then check out the following tips to help you create a successful campaign:

Identify Your Target Audience and Platform

Perhaps, the first step to successfully crowdfunding your Australian Holiday is by identifying your target audience and platform. With numerous crowdfunding sites flooding the internet, it’s important to choose the one that best represents your campaign. In this case, choose a crowdfunding site that covers traveling campaigns , like FundMyTravel, and not a general one that covers all sorts of topics and ideas.

Once a crowdfunding site has been chosen, it narrows down your target audience. From there, you can focus more on how to appeal to this population without having to compete against campaigns covering a wide spectrum of categories.

Clear Communication

When creating a crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to clearly define your goal. Visitors need to be able to understand why you have created this campaign and why you need the amount of money that you are requesting. This is where you make your first impression, so it’s important that you are clear and concise with your campaign’s description or story.

Add Photos or Videos

Pictures and videos are worth more than just thousands of words, they can be the difference in catching a visitor’s attention or being skipped over for the next campaign. Creating a video pitch might be outside of your technical capabilities, so a picture is also a great option. Either way, make sure that the pictures or videos are compelling enough to keep their attention and inspire people to donate.

Family and Friendly Feedback

Your family and friends are the perfect sample audience for gaining valuable feedback about your crowdfunding campaign. Bounce your ideas off of them and see what they think. Those closest people to you have the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about your campaign. Constructive criticism is part of building success with anything in life. So, embrace it.

Additionally, if you don’t get any funding from your family and friends then you will quickly learn that there’s something wrong with your campaign and you might need to go back to the proverbial drawing board.

Use Social Media As A Viral Vehicle

Once you have identified your target audience, and you have created an eye-popping campaign, spreading the word via social media is a powerful way to gain some funding. But, be creative in how you approach your social media blitz. Don’t just generically ask for donations. Come up with some witty posts, throw a few entertaining memes out there, tag people or places in your posts and always engage with those who like, tweet, comment or share your social media posts. Being creative and clever can increase your chances of going viral and reaching your crowdfunding goal.

Don’t Be Lazy

Just because you’re trying to go on a Holiday doesn’t mean you should be taking a break while your crowdfunding campaign is in full swing. You must continue to put in the effort of spreading the word, interacting with potential donators, and showing appreciation for those who have already donated. There will be plenty of time to enjoy some laziness on your holiday, but that won’t happen unless you put in the effort now.

Stand Out From the Crowd

For every successful crowdfunding campaign, there have been hundreds that have failed. Ask yourself this question – “why would someone choose to donate money to your campaign and not someone else’s campaign?”

Come up with ideas on how to stand out from the crowd. Using pictures, videos and creative social media posts are just a few examples of how to separate yourself from the pack.

Create a Virtual Campaign Command Center

Most crowdfunding sites give you a page on their website to create your campaign and share with everyone. However, these pages are typically limited by the duration of your campaign. Some sites place a cap on how long your campaign is allowed to run. A great way to keep your campaign thriving, even after it reaches the time limit on the crowdfunding site, is by creating your own virtual campaign commander center. This could be in the form of a blog, Facebook page, Instagram account or any other type of social media outlet. You can use the crowdfunding page and your social media posts to direct visitors and donators to your command center with the hopes of continuing the funding until you reach your goal.


Crowdfunding for your Australian holiday doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think. By taking these tips into consideration you can start to build your funds greatly. So are you ready to start your holiday crowdfunding campaign?

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