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5 Useful Secrets to Slash High-Cost International Roaming Charges

Nothing is as exciting as getting ready to go on an international trip. However, handing over an unexpected roaming bill of $1000 to your parents or partner might not go over so well.

Seems to be exaggerated? As per an estimate made by Juniper Research, revenue from global roaming services is expected to reach $90 billion a year by 2018. Well, it is quite easy to make calls to friends and family when you are abroad and unknowingly spend $1000 or more. However, being ignorant about per second and per minute charges, along with Peak and off-peak charges, can burn a big hole in your pocket. This happens because you are unaware of the fact that international calling charges are brutally expensive.

How to Combat Roaming Bill Shock?

According to an FFC Survey, 30 Million Americans, or more precisely, one in six mobile phone users have experienced a sudden bill shock. So, if you are one of those with a distressing bill in their hands, here are some useful tips for you:
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College Breaks: Five Tips for Traveling on the Cheap

Traveling is one of the most exhilarating experiences in life, and for many college students it’s almost a rite of passage. The stereotype of the young American traveling around Europe for the summer with a large backpack is a stereotype for a reason. College is the perfect time to travel when you’re not tied down to work, family, or other obligations. On the other hand, in our uncertain world with uncertain job prospects and uncertain futures, today’s students are increasingly trying to travel in a more frugal way. Here are some tips for having a grand backpacking adventure on the cheap.

Plan Ahead and Do Your Research

Doing research on the place you’re headed to is imperative for any traveler. You need to know the language if that’s a barrier, and you’ll want to know a little about the culture. There are also a myriad of websites with information about traveling to specific locations that can help. Guidebooks are an invaluable resource, and completely free if you use your library! Read the experiences of other travelers: only they can tell the coolest cheap cafes and how to purchase train tickets for the best price. Compare shop for different events and lodging to see how you can get a better price. Riding the bus around town will probably be a lot better than taking taxis and will probably be safer in the long run.

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How to Raise Money For Your Trip And Get Your Friends Involved

I am going to begin by stating the obvious. Raising money for a trip is hard.  And getting your friends to commit money to you, so you can see the world, is daunting and uncomfortable. But if I can do it, so can you. Here are 10 tips that helped me raise over $15,000 in under thirty days for my trip in Nepal.

1. Start with a cause. People aren’t often comfortable with the idea of giving you money so you can experience a new city. There has to be something more. You need to do something that benefits people outside of yourself. When you are planning your trip, make sure to find an activity that allows you to give back to the local community in tangible and meaningful ways. Use this cause as leverage when you reach out to people in your network and request cash.
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5 Tricks to Finding Cheap Travel Tickets to Any Destination

As soon as you land your opportunity to study, teach, volunteer, or work abroad, the stress gets to you. There’s so much to do in so little time. This is the first thing you need to do: relax! Everything is going to be fine. Here are a few simple tips to help you with the preparation process:

  • Pack only the things you need. Some clothes, pajamas, and a camera. Oh, don’t forget to throw in at least one book. Or, even better, your Kindle! Don’t bother bringing cosmetics. Shower gels, shampoos and toothpastes cost pretty much the same all around the world. You’ll get them there.
  • Organize a movie night with all your friends, so you’ll meet them all at once. Seeing one at a time will cost you nerves, time, and money.
  • Stay connected to your family. Share contacts on Skype and social media, so you can talk any time.
  • Start searching for that ticket on time. Now, this isn’t a simple tip. We’ll have to elaborate a bit on this one.

The flight is the largest chunk of the expenses related to your trip. It is possible to find a cheap deal, but it will be buried among the expensive ones. Today, I’m going to help you master the art of flying cheap.
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How to Save Money When Eating Out While Traveling in the US

Enjoying dinner in a restaurant is a wonderful experience. It is hard to imagine having to skimp on this luxury, especially while traveling throughout the United States. Food costs are right up there with hotel and entertainment expenses when it comes to vacations, but there are ways to sample all of the local cuisine along the way to your destination, as well as once you have arrived, without blowing your travel budget


Do a little research before leaving home. Looking online is a great way to find the best restaurants in any given area to fit your budget. Buffets like the Golden Corral are a wonderful value when traveling. They offer a variety of foods for one fixed price, and you can go back for seconds. Locations are easy to find. Go to your favorite search engine and type in the phrase “Golden Corral near me.” Continue reading

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