9 Tips for Launching a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Launching a successful crowdfunding campaign for your travel often takes a lot of consistency, patience, and hustle. When you’re looking for people that are willing to take money out of their pockets for your cause, you have to do your best. There is a lot that goes into setting the foundations of a crowdfunding campaign.

There’s the pre-launch, the launch, and the after-launch phases. All of these phases are extremely important, as they represent your roadmap to crowdfunding success. If I wanted to write about all of the aspects in detail, I’d had to write a small book about it, so I chose to keep it short and precise.

During today’s post, we’re going to explore some straightforward actionable tips that’ll allow you to boost your crowdfunding campaign success rate. This way, you will be able to get enough money for your studies, internships, volunteering work, or personal projects. Don’t just read these strategies,  apply them to your own unique situation. Let’s get going:

Choose a Platform That Fits Your Needs

Start off by choosing a good crowdfunding platform. As you may know, FundMyTravel is one of the most popular networks that allows people to put their crowdfunding campaigns in front of thousands of interested donors. It helps students, travelers, and volunteers get enough capital to pursue their dreams.

There are many crowdfunding platforms out there, but if your campaign’s main focus is to travel around the world and discover your own meaningful experiences, FundMyTravel is where you should be.  Apart from the possibility of starting your own crowdfunding campaign and promoting it in a very active environment, you will have lots of resources and tips at your disposal.

Set Attainable Goals

Just like in life and business, you need to establish some goals for your crowdfunding campaign. First of all, figure out the amount of dollars you need in order to cover all of your expenses. The experienced FundMyTravel community will be able to offer you more information regarding your overall costs and ways to reduce them.

Keep in mind to be very realistic about the goal, and make sure that you plan it for the long and short term. If people notice that you’re greedy, you’d be sorry that you asked for that much in the first place. People are smart, so always be genuine.

Share Your Mission with the Public

The ones who are going to fund you need to see a driven person. They need to understand why you’re doing what you do. What you’re trying to do is explore the world, get new experiences and use them to add value to your society. It is something that only a few are capable of. You need to show them that the end result of your funded experience will have a positive outcome. Your travel has a higher purpose than your own person.

Share this mission with your fundraisers. For example, Atlas Of Beauty’s photographer travels around the world to capture beauty. What is your future travel’s mission? If you haven’t figured that out, make sure that you do; and do it quickly.

Build Trust by Displaying Your Work

People don’t just throw their money on things that they don’t trust. If you’re not giving them enough reasons to fund you, they never will. Put yourself in your supporters’ shoes –would you pay some random guy for his “brilliant” idea to travel the world and make it better? Or would you need more details and facts in order to make a decision?

Carey Johnson, CEO of a pro essay writing service who has recently conducted three successful crowdfunding campaigns cared to share his advice:

“Display the work that you did. Show them how much you care about your project, and show them what you did until now. Like most donors, people will assess whether you’re capable of accomplishing what you promise”

It’s always better to let your potential funders take a quick peek inside your travels. It builds trust and desire among them, and they’ll be much more easily convinced to give.

Offer Something in Return

Whenever you initiate a crowdfunding campaign, you’ll get a special spot where you can give something in return for the funds that you received. When choosing what incentives to offer, think about the ideal donor. Describe him as efficiently as you can, and figure out the things he would like to get.

For example, you might want to travel to Mexico, document yourself and write a book about the Maya Civilization. You can offer printed T-Shirts with the Mayan Temples as an incentive for your donors and most loyal followers. Also, your future book’s cover can include the names of all your donors. Everyone would donate for a project like this.

Connect with Your Supporters

In order to create a lot more interest, you need to initiate discussions with your followers, hold private conversations, and network as much as possible. The more engaging you are, the more engaged your potential donors will be. Some pretty effective ways to do it would be to send automated thank you emails, letting them know of the good things they’ve made by donating, which you can easily do with the FundMyTravel platform!

Always Keep Your Funders Updated

Never forget about updates. Every crowdfunding campaign takes time. The moment someone joins your cause and sends you funds; you need to give them all the possible details through updates. If you changed something in your itinerary, they need to know. If you changed important dates in your travel, they need to know. This helps at building credibility and trust.

Reach Out to The Press

FundMyTravel and the internet aren’t the only places to look for help. Media is a very powerful tool to boost your crowdfunding success. Reach out to local editors and let them know of your project. If they find it interesting, there’s a chance that they’ll give you an interview that’s going to be published on their platform.

Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign Efficiently

If you believe that posting your crowdfunding campaign on the web and leaving it like that gives you chances of success, you’re terribly wrong. Crowdfunding marketing is essential. Do social media, do SEO, do forum marketing, and do everything you can to capture as much attention as you can. The more awareness you bring; the more chances you stand to make your campaign super successful.

If it would be easy, everyone would get sponsorship for their travels. But instead, the few select are managing to draw enough attention and interest that allow them to succeed. Stay focused on your crowdfunding campaign. Take consistent action, create a believable but daring campaign, and you’ll eventually succeed.

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