As soon as you land your opportunity to study, teach, volunteer, or work abroad, the stress gets to you. There’s so much to do in so little time. This is the first thing you need to do: relax! Everything is going to be fine. Here are a few simple tips to help you with the preparation process:

  • Pack only the things you need. Some clothes, pajamas, and a camera. Oh, don’t forget to throw in at least one book. Or, even better, your Kindle! Don’t bother bringing cosmetics. Shower gels, shampoos and toothpastes cost pretty much the same all around the world. You’ll get them there.
  • Organize a movie night with all your friends, so you’ll meet them all at once. Seeing one at a time will cost you nerves, time, and money.
  • Stay connected to your family. Share contacts on Skype and social media, so you can talk any time.
  • Start searching for that ticket on time. Now, this isn’t a simple tip. We’ll have to elaborate a bit on this one.

The flight is the largest chunk of the expenses related to your trip. It is possible to find a cheap deal, but it will be buried among the expensive ones. Today, I’m going to help you master the art of flying cheap.

Explore Different Flight Search Engines

Airfare search engines give you a price based on several factors. The system is complicated, but it’s mostly based on the number of seats available. The price may go up and down all the time, and different flight search engines may give you different offers. That’s why it’s important to elevate your search. Here are only few of the flight search tools you can use:

If you’re not booking the ticket today, make sure to subscribe for email alerts. Most of these services will send you their best offers via email.

Don’t Neglect Airline Websites

It’s much easier to use a search engine that gives you a list of all available deals than to search one airline at a time. However, checking out airline websites may still get you a better deal. Sign up to your favorite airline’s newsletter and you’ll give access to special deals.

Alaska Airlines, for example, gives weekly discount promo code offers to its subscribers. Southwest gives awesome 50% promo code deals. If you sign up for Virgin’s newsletter, you might land a 2 for 1 deal. Even if it’s a discount of just 10%, it still affects a high price.

Go Incognito

Here is an experiment you can do: do a repeated search for a random destination (not the one you’re going to). You’ll notice you’re getting slightly higher prices after searching for the flight few times. That’s because the site knows you want that destination (they collect information and they know it’s the same user), so it encourages you to book the flight as soon as possible.

If you search for flights in incognito mode, that won’t happen. The price doesn’t always increase in the usual browser mode, but you want to keep your search super secret, just in case.

Search for Tickets One at a Time

It’s a common practice for airlines to sell multiple fare classes at a different price. Only a couple of such seats are available in each class. If there’s only one left, you won’t get it if you’re searching for more seats.

Always search for one ticket at a time, so you’ll catch the limited seats on sale. If you get this deal with the option to select seats, then choose one that’s next to an empty seat. Don’t waste time and book the second ticket on that very seat. You’ll still talk to your friend during the trip, but you’ll get a better price. Even if you don’t sit together, who cares? You’ll be spending tons of time together when you arrive at your destination.

Choose a Budget Airline

Well, this is the main hack to keep in mind. If you want to travel on budget, you’ll have to settle for a budget airline. You’ll be surprised to see how cheaper a flight can be when you don’t opt for the most renowned carriers. Here are a few of the budget airlines you can check out:

Thanks to online services and a few tricks up our sleeves, we can all travel without spending a fortune. If you’re looking for a cheap flight, there is a way to get it. Hopefully, the tips you just went through will lead you to your destination.

About the Author:

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