South Africa is a wonderful country and it boasts a magnificent selection of diversity and wildlife. If you plan to experience the whole world in one country, South Africa should be at the top of your destination list. In South Africa, you will not only see and experience new cultures and 11 different languages, but you will also be able to see the rich history the country has and how it was resurrected out of Apartheid by the late Nelson Mandela.

Since traveling is quite expensive, it can sometimes be daunting to go anywhere in the world. Prices are generally inflated for tourists and this means that you will not really be saving when you are going to countries with a weaker currency. In this article, I have decided to look at South Africa as a country and share a few tips with you on how you could travel and enjoy your stay in the Rainbow Nation country without having to break the bank.

Before we start, you will have to know that South Africa is a country that is riddled with poverty as well. The country might have an extremely beautiful infrastructure and also a very diverse and exotic natural presence, but the poverty is still present as well.

To enjoy your stay, you will need to look past this and take the country for what it is. Here are my tips for enjoying your stay in South Africa on a budget:

Plan your trip ahead of time and use the international airports to your advantage

South Africa is a hub for international flights and this can be seen as a great way of entering the country in a cost-effective manner. Since there are generally multiple flights going to South Africa, you will not need to spend the extra money on those chain flights just to get into the country. There are also multiple international airports and they will give you an easy way to get from province to province.

Try going in a group

Groups can be so much more effective than having to go alone. Yes. It will be expensive if you are paying for the entire group, but if you are going with a travel group, you should get some great discount deals on hotels and even a few safari outings.

South Africa loves and thrives on tourism and showing the world its splendor and beauty. With a few friends or a traveling group, you should get some great package deals on those trips.

Take advantage of the affordable public transport

The public transport system might not be as good in South Africa as you will find in other places, but it is still decent in the city. The transport is much cheaper as well and you can choose between the standard buses and the taxis.

Now with Uber also making strides to get more places, you can even choose to go with an Uber if you feel the need to go with something that is already trusted by millions around the world.

Look for backpacker guesthouses

Backpacker guesthouses are generally cheap and they will still offer you a great experience and a way to get away from the streets. These guesthouses will be an affordable alternative to those looking to get a good night’s sleep in the city and will also not cost you to much.

If you want to explore the wilderness in South Africa, make sure to prepare a tent and a good sleeping bag to stay warm at night.

Ask around and the locals will help you get those bargain deals on memorable items

In most tourist areas, you will find locals with informal business stands standing close to the road. These locals are a great source of information if you are looking for the cheapest and most affordable places to stay and even go shopping.

Once you support their businesses, they will definitely be willing to help you and allow you to save a few bucks outside of the tourist hotspot locations.

Estimated Costs For Traveling to South Africa

Depending on whether you choose to stay in the top hotels, or in the backpacker guest houses, you could easily save a few bucks. When traveling to South Africa, you can expect to pay anywhere between $46 -$60 per day.

Food costs should be some of the lowest, but depending on where you want to go traveling in the country, your budget might vary. The estimated taxi costs per kilometer will be around $1. If you choose to go backpacking in a dorm, your daily housing will be around $8-$20 per day.

Now that you understand that it is possible for you to visit South Africa on a budget, we would like to know if you feel like making the trip and checking out the rainbow nation country on your next trip.


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