5 Ideas to Make Your Travel Fundraising Campaign More Appealing to Donors

Being a part of a travel fundraising campaign, the first thing you need to understand is that you don’t convince donors to pay for your trip, instead you help them realize that they already care.

If they are reading stories and blogs on this website, then the odds are that they are at least considering donating money for your meaningful travel abroad.

Crowdfunding is never easy and takes a lot of effort, here are some tips to help you finance your travels:


To convince donors to contribute to your travel campaign, you need to understand the factors which would persuade them to willingly do so. In marketing terms, you need to know who your target audience is and the way their minds work. And that requires a lot of research.

Move them emotionally

When it comes to donating to help others, people are motivated by heart, not the head. Thus, you need to tell your story in a meaningful way so that they understand what their generosity will help you accomplish and why they should help you. Speak to them in the first person, as if you are talking to them face to face, and tell them why they should care and how their aid will make a difference in your life.

This means you should speak in their language, and use the kind of words they use when they are feeling passionate.

For example, if you want to fund your honeymoon to Paris, you need to talk about how epic your love story is. It should have emotion and drama and lots and lots of romance. It should appeal to those who have successful love stories of their own or who hope to be deeply loved so that they are willing to help you have a similar experience.

The need for help

People are usually good at heart and more often than not are eager to help. They also don’t like being powerless in front of a needy person. However, it is up to you to touch those heart strings and access that need. Put your story out there in a manner that explains how an experience of traveling to Northern Cyprus will have a deep and meaningful impact on your life.

You also have to lay out your plans because no one is interested in supporting half-baked ideas. For example, you could tell your donors that you are using a travel package of 8 days to go to Northern Cyprus to explore its Byzantine castles and ancient ruins. You can further inform them that via this research you will write a paper for your history professor once you return so that you can receive the first A of the term.

Share experiences

Maybe, most of your life has gone by sitting in front of the desk or on the couch. Now that you have progressed to the gently rocking armchair sitting in the porch, you look back at the years gone by and wonder why you did not travel when you had the chance.

Tell your story and share your experience. There are many who regret not traveling or who get the opportunity to travel late in life. Let them connect with you emotionally and live vicariously through your stories. Explain how you had always dreamt of European tours and travels but taking care of kids and earning a living became a bigger priority. But now that you are free, you yearn to travel unfettered and see the world with new eyes.

Those who have traveled the same paths as you or those who dream of traveling such a path but cannot do so due to ties of family and daily life may see themselves in you and help you out.

Use the power of social media

The more people know about your travel fundraising campaign, the bigger the group of people that you can tap into for donations. And the best way to advertise your campaign without any charges is through social media networks.

Tell your story with passion and explain why you want to travel to Spain with Globus world tours and eat Paella with a bottle of Torres Mas La Plana there. And post that story everywhere on social media with links to your campaign and a clear call to action button to make it easier for people to contribute.

Remember that if people want to contribute, they will want to do so as soon as they read your story, not later when the pathos of emotion die down. Thus, the call to action instructions should be clear, prominent and easy to follow.

Your planned trip could be a year away or it could be possible that you get the chance of traveling in just a week’s time. In either case, these tips will help you go a long way in reaching your fundraising goal.

About the Author:

Kamil Riaz Kara is a travel enthusiast and writer. His favorite travel destinations include New York, Munich, & Vancouver, and of course, his home town of Karachi. Visit Cosmosvacations for exploring beautiful and adventurist destinations around the world.

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