5 Collectibles You Can Make Money From While Traveling Abroad

The last thing on your mind while you’re on vacation is your side hustle.

But a little bit of forward thinking on your next trip abroad can pay you back in dividends once you get home. That’s because the Internet goes wild for collectibles purchased from faraway places and re-sold domestically.

All you have to do is brush up on what people want. Pick up a few of the following five collectibles, and you’ve got a surefire way to make a little bit of money back after your next international getaway.


If you’re traveling to a country known for its unique, handmade or otherwise spectacular tapestries, head to the local market and start shopping for throw pillowcases.

They’re usually pretty cheap, and local merchants will probably be open to giving you a bundle deal if you’re making a big purchase. Plus, you can buy the pillowcases without inserts, meaning a big stack won’t take up too much space in your luggage.

Once you’re home, you can expect the colorful, unique, handmade pieces to go quickly once you put them up for sale. Rather than choosing the same old fabrics everyone else has, these pillowcases will stand out. Online buyers will love something different and one-of-a-kind for their homes.


You may not be a connoisseur of stamps, but stamp collecting is serious business for those who take part in the hobby. Stamps only increase in value with time.

Plus, an international stamp will certainly strike buyers used to domestic options only — an interesting-looking or unexpected design might be worth the spend, even if the stamp is not yet a collectible in terms of its age.


Again, coin collecting is a timeless hobby, as is buying and selling gold. Navigating the market of selling either can be difficult, but with a little bit of research on your end, you can become a pro in selling coins and precious metals to collectors and dealers alike.

Selling coins is an option even if you simply find your pockets full of change or bills once you’re back from your international vacation. You can’t use the money at home, obviously, so try selling it to someone who might be heading abroad.

If you’re patient, you can also wait a few years before selling it to collectors who might be in the market for the coins and notes in your collection.

Hand-Painted Art

Anyone can bring home a print of a piece of art. But if you take the time to bring home quality pieces of hand-painted art, you’re sure to find a buyer who will equally love the canvas’ design and the story behind it.

Many collectors make artwork their collection of choice, after all — they’ll focus on a specific artist, technique or subject, so be sure to pick something with an angle or well-known technique for the best chance of sale.


Finally, you can make jewelry buying and re-selling your mission on your next vacation. First, research accessory trends for the upcoming seasons so you know what buyers will be looking for.

Then, go shopping for special pieces from local artisans. Aim for what’s in style — statement necklaces, pendant earrings, bangles, etc. — but try and find something that’s not run-of-the-mill. Buyers will be more likely to splash out on something they haven’t seen anywhere else.


These are only five examples of what you can buy and re-sell after your next trip abroad.

Follow your instincts and buy what you like — chances are, if you’re a fan, someone else will feel the same way and want to make your collectible their collectible.

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  1. I keep coins from the country I have visited but I have never thought about the rest. Thank you for sharing the tips. It’s very interesting.

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