Are you planning to go around the world, drink wine in Paris, enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Vegas, and finance the whole or part of the trip through crowdfunding? Think again! It is not as easy as it sounds. You need to run a crowdfunding travel campaign to raise funds. And it requires a lot of hard work before, during, and after the funding (fingers crossed) campaign to finance your world trip from strangers. Here are four myths for travel crowdfunding that you must know before you launch your first campaign:

You can Travel the World without Giving Anything Back

Most people will not buy you a trinket and expect nothing in return. With this in mind, you need to create something to give back to your donors. Make travel documentaries, provide free and unique travel tips, or put together images of various travel places in the form of a coffee table book or something useful for other travelers. So, before you ask for money, think of value you are going to provide to your donors.

Crowdfunding is Quick and Easy

No, you can’t get money easily. Creators of successful campaigns work hard before launching their page on a crowdfunding site. You need to plan, create a blog or/and social media pages. Spread awareness before launching your crowdfunding campaign. Also, a majority of campaigns fail to achieve desired goals due to various reasons. So hold on and be sure to have enough preparation before planning your next free adventure.

Anyone can Crowdfund their Travel

Well, this is not a myth. It is a true statement but you should accept it with a pinch of salt. Not everyone has the skills and capability to create groundbreaking campaigns instantly on a crowdfunding site. You need to work hard, stay motivated and try consistently to remain in the game.  Use the Fundraising toolkit to improve your understanding of crowdfunding, share your campaign as much as possible, even try some offline fundraising activity in order to fund a global tour. Most of the successful campaign creators are exceptional hard workers who know what it takes to get strangers to donate to their trip.

Crowdfunding is Free

Crowdfunding is not free. It takes money to make money. You can spend money on email campaigns, advertising, videos, etc. to reach more people and spread awareness about your fundraising efforts. There are various intermediaries that charge for a particular process or activity. For instance, payment processor will charge a commission on every transaction. Similarly, FundMyTravel also charges a small admin fee to keep its site up and running while serving thousands of users.  So be ready to burn some money and take risks before you dream of going on a free world tour.


My purpose is not to demotivate you. Rather, to remove some of the misconceptions that you might have due to reading a lot of motivational travel stories on social media. It will help you plan your project better and make an informed decisions on when to launch a campaign and how to make it a success.

About the Author:

Adela Belin is a private educator and a writer at Writers Per Hour. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers. Feel free to contact Adela on G+.