Month: November 2017

How I got my Travel Insurance for Free

Check out how this traveler decided to leave his 9-5 day job and travel the world for a year, and how he got free travel insurance!

Some years ago I got tired of wearing a collared shirt and tie, so I decided to take a leave from my consulting job and go live abroad for close to a year. I ended up going to Thailand to work for a local humanitarian organization. I was going to be in Thailand for about a year so I started researching travel insurance and that is when I got the shock. Travel insurance for more than a month is crazy expensive, almost a thousand dollars, and I would have to be paying that for a year!

Not exactly an exciting expense, so it was time to think out of the box.

After a little bit of thinking, I decided to email 3 insurance companies and see if we could make a deal that would benefit both of us (that’s important, don’t expect anything if the deal will only benefit you).

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Creating a Travel Crowdfunding Campaign That People Want to Support

In recent years, more and more entrepreneurs have turned to alternate funding. One of the biggest methods of alternate funding is crowdfunding — a process that enables people to raise money through the internet, allowing them to reach much larger audiences than ever before. Its success as a funding method is shown in the numbers: in 2014 alone, approximately $16 billion was crowdfunded. Since then, the numbers have only gone up.

Today, crowdfunding is used to support a variety of enterprises, from starting your own business, to new innovations in healthcare. Crowdfunding is also used to raise money for personal endeavors, such as funding a semester at college or supporting a travel experience. For travelers and wanderlusters, this sounds like a dream come true: a bunch of people giving you money to travel the world. Now who wouldn’t want that?

It’s easy to drop everything and choose to crowdfund your next adventure, but not all travel crowdfunding campaigns are successful. Unfortunately, a lot of campaigns end in crushing failure and disappointment, with little to fall back on. It’s important to effectively plan and prepare your crowdfunding campaign, so that it is one that people actually want to support. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

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How to Budget for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best opportunities you can take advantage of while in college – but it does come at a price. While some universities have programs that cost the same amount for studying abroad as they do at the home campus, many study abroad programs exceed the normal cost for tuition. In addition to tuition costs, travel expenses and costs while studying abroad can quickly add up. Here are some ways to budget so you are able to study abroad without stressing about the cost!

Cut Unnecessary Costs

In the moment, that pumpkin spice frappuccino from Starbucks and your Hulu account you use to catch up on your shows with might seem like dire needs, but getting rid of extra expenses like these is an easy way to start saving your money.
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