Check out how this traveler decided to leave his 9-5 day job and travel the world for a year, and how he got free travel insurance!

Some years ago I got tired of wearing a collared shirt and tie, so I decided to take a leave from my consulting job and go live abroad for close to a year. I ended up going to Thailand to work for a local humanitarian organization. I was going to be in Thailand for about a year so I started researching travel insurance and that is when I got the shock. Travel insurance for more than a month is crazy expensive, almost a thousand dollars, and I would have to be paying that for a year!

Not exactly an exciting expense, so it was time to think out of the box.

After a little bit of thinking, I decided to email 3 insurance companies and see if we could make a deal that would benefit both of us (that’s important, don’t expect anything if the deal will only benefit you).

About a week later, I had my deal: I would write an article for the insurance company’s website and in return I would get my travel insurance for free.

A great deal that benefited both of us. I got my crazy expensive insurance for free – and the insurance company got content for their site that made them look good (because I promised to mention their support of my humanitarian work).

It was also a deal that would probably not cost the company any money since most people never use their travel insurance (but you never know, so I still think it’s super important to be insured when you travel).

I’m quite sure a similar deal can often be made if you’re traveling in a way that benefits other people and not just yourself and your friends.

And what’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t take that long to send a few emails – and the worst you can end up with is a few no thanks or not getting any replies (if you don’t get any replies, you should follow up a few times to see if you can start a conversation).

So don’t ignore this possibility. Reach out and try to make deals that benefit both parties. Not only for that expensive travel insurance, but also for all the other expenses you encounter at home and abroad.

About the Author:

Mads Phikamphon has spent several years living and traveling in Asia. Today he runs the adventuring site MightyGoods and helps companies with IT development. He still loves his backpack and travels several times every year.