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9 Tips to Score *Significant* Honeymoon Funds

You’re not there yet, but how will you feel when the knot’s been tied and the cake’s been eaten? Or when the flowers have almost died (*le sad*) and it’s time to handwrite your “thank-yous” (which, if we’re being honest, you’re probably dreading… at least a little bit!)?

How do you want to feel at this moment? Bursting with love? Terrified by debt? If you’re planning on getting married soon, jump on the modern-registry bandwagon and consider some alternative gift opportunities to raise money for your honeymoon.

A couple embracing amongst palm trees

That’s right! This could be YOU and your bae if you use wedding donations for your honeymoon.

You want that honeymoon trip of your dreams. You know you do. You’ve probably had enough of your in-laws at this point and you want a big ol’ break! The wedding planning and preparations will be taken care of, the big day will have come and gone, and you want to galavant abroad with your cheri to mark this monumental moment in your lives. Whatever kind of honeymoon you have your sights set on, you’ll most likely be wondering how the heck to fund it, or, more concretely, what the best way to fund it might be.

On the bright side, raising money for weddings online—or for your honeymoon—has never been easier. But it’s not all about raising money. It’s also about doing something that’s meaningful. First for yourself and secondly for others. Consider venturing further afield with your lover. A lack of money simply has the opportunity to create a barrier between that meaningful something and your honeymoon. With the right information and resources, there’s certainly a solution to solve any potential financial conundrums to help you realize your honeymoon dreams. From the backwaters of Kerala to the beaches of Bermuda, you’re going to need a little bit of dough to get out of Dodge.

Read on to learn how to score a chunk of change for your honeymoon funds by actively collecting wedding donations for your honeymoon!

How to get wedding donations for a honeymoon

Bubbling champagne framed by the ocean

Honeymoon funds can be used for anything, so you don’t have to skimp on that sweet, sweet bubbly with your…hubbly.

1. Have a plan

Decide where you want to go and what in the world you want to do. Nailing down at least a general idea will enable you and your partner to outline a budget, which will help a TON with honeymoon funds. Whether you see yourselves sat at a swim-up bar, or huffing and puffing through the Appalachian trail, it will help to have some sort of vision. Your honeymoon agenda might be easier to tackle with the help of your family and friends, too. And once you make your decision, let your wedding guests know. Being transparent about your plans can help seal the deal.

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2. Create a wedding registry for your honeymoon

These exists? You bet they do! Maybe some wedding donation websites doesn’t fit your bill. You’re looking for a specific place for your honeymoon funding. More and more honeymoon-specific wedding registries are popping up. Raise honeymoon funds and goods with a personalized registry and you and your stud muffin might be closer to the Caribbean or Canada than you thought. Each of these options vary with their provisions and the majority of them will even allow you to collect wedding donations online. Flights? Accomodation? Volunteer program fees? Yes, yes, and of course, yes.

3. Take a volunteer honeymoon!

These exist! Some cool couples decide to volunteer abroad on their honeymoon—and you could, too! Love and altruism go hand-in-hand after all. Honeymoons can be so much more than piña coladas and sex-on-the-beaches (ahem) in the tropics. Consider taking a rather altruistic route while doing something productive with your newly legal partner-in-crime. Your invitees will be thrilled to support your do-good spirits. Maybe your mom’s co-workers will be more inclined to lend you a hand once they know what you’re up to?

As volunteer honeymoons are gaining popularity, we are continually seeing more and more of these organized programs designed with the newlyweds in mind. Check out some of these programs that we know are a hit. Why choose an organized gig? Organizations like Global Vision International (GVI) and Oyster Worldwide can help take care of some of the leg work. Leave it to them to assist with your visas, accommodation and placement, along with travel insurance—it’s what they do best.

Sitting couple silhouetted by a sunset

Who says you can’t do a little bit of good on your honeymoon? Volunteering as a couple abroad can be wonderful bonding experience.

4. Scale back

Less is more. Always has been, and always will be! Consider a three-course meal at your reception in lieu of a five-course show stopper. Heck, order some of your favorite pizzas and call it an evening. Take a look at your wedding budget and see where you might be able to tone it down. Maybe that means having a smaller guest list and less flowers. And that dress and his fancy cuffs? Eh, you might be able to find a more frugal alternative. If there’s a will there’s a way. And this isn’t talking about that will your great aunt forgot to leave ya.

5. Skip the wedding party gifts

It seems so often that the groom gifts goods to all of his groomsmen. And in parallel, the bride gifts goodies to all of her bridesmaids. Why not do something homemade and original to rearrange your wedding and volunteer honeymoon budgets. Or, be really original and simply tell them, “Thanks.” Is it necessary to gift your close friends something fancy and expensive all in the name of thanks? They’ll understand if they really support you and your meaningful travel honeymoon.

6. Play the lottery?

Contrary to the advice of your statistics professor, maybe you should pick up a couple of scratch-offs! Perhaps not make it a habit, but treat yourself from time-to-time. Wondering, “how in the world am I going to fund my wedding?” SCRATCH-OFFS, BABY!

….We jest. Kind of.

A couple holding hands walking up a scenic hill

Honeymoon funds can certainly feel akin to winning the lottery. And they’ll help you end up someplace like THIS.

7. Extend your stay

So often newlyweds opt for seven night jaunts. Already, that’s pretty wonderful for a vacation. And maybe you’ll opt for this too. But hold up, have you ever considered extending your stay? Say, to a 14-night excursion? Believe it or not, sometimes the longer the stay the less you will pay. Look into different, non-conventional durations and timetables for more time with your new honey. Maybe leaving on Monday and coming back the following Tuesday will help you save a couple Franklins on both flights and accommodations. Whether you’re volunteering as a couple abroad or vacationing, why not have a look?

8. Skip the wedding registry

Scrap all those kitchen appliances and fancy gadgets on a rather conventional wedding registry. Ask your guests to pitch in to your honeymoon pot. Devise a creative-yet-straightforward way to express your desires to go abroad. If they understand, they are often more than willing to support your dreams. Odds are, you’re going to remember the memories you’ll make while volunteering abroad on your honeymoon more than any countertop mixer or high-end bone china.

9. Use FundMyTravel to crowdsource

If you want to keep funding your wedding and honeymoon separately, do so. Either way, you’re in luck. Collecting wedding donations for your honeymoon with FundMyTravel is as easy as passing go. It is an online crowdfunding platform developed specifically for travelers like yourself.

Plus, it’s ridiculously easy. Two-step easy. First, take two seconds to create your account here. And then create your unique honeymoon fundraising campaign. Then, all you need to do is launch your fundraising page and start spreading the word (aka, sharing the link) on your social media platforms. Check out how it works for a few more details. If you’re ahead of the game and your campaign is up and running before your invitations are sent out, consider slipping the link to your page in everyone’s invitation.

Raise money for your honeymoon with ease

A couple cuddling on a rock by a mountain

Fund my wedding? How about FundMyTravel! Your honeymoon funds will be bursting at the seams before you say “I do.”

Get yourself together and put those ducks in a row. And don’t forget to think about yourselves. Your honeymoon.  Gather your ideas to help raise the funds you need for this honeymoon of yours. The sooner you get to it, the sooner it will stop tantalizing you. Making this one of your wedding planning priorities will help get your mind off the guest list and allow you to start traveling before the first call for boarding. Plan. Prepare. Execute.

“Short honeymoons are better than no honeymoons, but long honeymoons are best of all.” —John Davey

Long isn’t synonymous with luxurious here. It’s about doing something good and riding those waves with the love of your life. It’s time to score those honeymoon funds with your significant other. Go get ‘em, tiger.

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How to Pay for Your CIEE High School Summer Abroad

Maybe you’ve been feeling like you’re too big for your hometown these days. Maybe you’re looking to stretch your legs and show your family just how independent you can be. Maybe you’re looking for a boost on your college applications. Or maybe you’ve just been so inspired by all the new content on Netflix you binged on over winter and you just have to see some of those places for yourself. The point is, you’ve got all the good reasons, and you’ve narrowed it down to a CIEE summer abroad high school program. Now there’s only one minor detail standing in your way…

Woman wearing denim jacket holding stack of books

An algebra final? The big game? PROM? All of the above? Before you embark on a CIEE summer abroad, there’s more than a few things you might have to address.

Money. And your parents just can’t stop reminding you of it, right? But you’re plucky—you wouldn’t have gotten this far if you weren’t—so you’ve got this. Roll up your sleeves. Get creative. Keep your eyes on your shiny, happy CIEE summer abroad. And when wishing it were so isn’t quite enough, here are a few more tips for getting your young financial life in order so that you can fund your CIEE high school summer abroad.

7 ways to pay for your CIEE high school summer abroad

1. Know just how much this is going to set you back

If you haven’t already been in touch with the staff at your CIEE study abroad high school program, now’s the time. Set up an account ASAP so that you can talk to someone about your plans, apply for the program of your choosing, and start gathering all the information you’ll need to build your budget. What is the program fee for the CIEE summer abroad program you’ve selected? What does that include? Do you have a valid passport or will you need to get one? Does your destination require a visa? And how much does that cost?

Find out if you’ll have to pay your own airfare and what the cost of the ticket will be. Remember—this can fluctuate, so give yourself some wiggle room! Finally, build in plenty of spending money for things you’ll want or need while you’re away: new clothes, ice cream cravings, souvenirs so your friends and family back home don’t think you forgot about them, etc. Do your homework about the exchange rate for the currency in your destination and how much the things you’ll need will cost you for the time you’re away. Be generous in your calculations so that you set your fundraising goal high. It will be better to come home from your CIEE high school summer abroad with some extra cash than it will be to come up short.

Airplane flying across blue sky

We flyin’ first class up in the sky? ….Cool your jets, you’re not that glamorous (yet). Start pinching pennies for that CIEE summer abroad.

2. Work work work work work work

We know, we know, how boring—but it’s never a bad idea to start building your resume with some real, live work experience. And work is probably the most straightforward way on this list to make sure you’ve got enough dollars in your pocket to last your whole CIEE summer abroad (or pesos or yuan or whatever it is you’ll be needing where you’re headed). In addition to an hourly job like waiting tables or lifeguarding, think about other odd jobs you could pick up in your free time. Babysitting. Lawn mowing. Painting your grandparents’ spare bedroom (don’t laugh, some of us totally did that). You might be surprised how many jobs people are willing to pay you for when they realize you’re motivated by a worthy educational experience, so don’t forget to spread the word that you’re looking for work to help fund your CIEE study abroad high school experience.

3. Be a more thoughtful consumer

Every pair of sneakers you pass on for now brings you one step closer to the even-more-amazing shoes you’ll see everyone wearing as they pass you on the streets in the super-cool city where you’ll be for your CIEE summer abroad high school program. While you’re readying yourself for this big adventure, being more careful about how you spend your money will help build up your financial reserves. Making do with less and avoiding fast fashion and rampant consumerism in general are also good ways to get you thinking about your place in the world and your impact on the planet—all things that your CIEE summer abroad will probably make you even more aware of. Why not start your incredible path of growth and self discover before departure?

Woman picking out clothes from a clothes rack

Listen to us carefully: put the cute crop top back on the rack and back away slowly. A CIEE high school summer abroad is worth so much more.

4. The fundraising magic of tidying up

And while we’re on the topic of things you really need, there are probably a whole bunch of things in your room that you don’t really need. Hold each one in your hands and ask yourself if it will still be sparking joy months from now when you’ve returned from CIEE high school summer abroad a changed person. Consider selling anything you think you’ve outgrown or could do without in a yard sale or at a local consignment shop. But be careful! Check with a parent or guardian for help if you plan to list things for sale online or through an app. You don’t want to get scammed or give out your personal information to strangers. And no selling anything that belongs to your little brother without checking with him first.

5. Scholarships are your friend

CIEE summer abroad high school programs come with scholarship opportunities for students with financial need. They also give out scholarships based on academic merit only. Make sure you apply for these internal scholarships along with your program application. In addition, check with your high school counselor, any groups you’re involved in (e.g., Girl Scouts, Key Club), and local civic or community organizations, especially groups that might have a cultural tie to your destination (e.g., the Italian American Society, the Cuban American Club, etc.), for other opportunities. Just because you haven’t heard about them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Scour the internet, but don’t underestimate word of mouth. Consider asking your aunts, uncles, and neighbors to activate their networks to help find sources of financial support.

6. Check the couch cushions

No, we’re not really that serious, but between the sofa, all of your coat pockets, and the cupholders in your car, you might just find enough to treat your family to a farewell pizza. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to leave things clean and sparkly to remember you by while you’re away?

Mason jars full of fruit lined up in a row with silly straws

And if all else fails, don’t underestimate the merits of a good ol’ fashioned lemonade stand.

7. Make a FundMyTravel account and get to crowdsourcing

FundMyTravel makes it easy for you to create a home on the web for all of your CIEE high school summer abroad fundraising efforts. Tell your story of where you’re going and why. Explain to people what makes you special and worthy of this opportunity. Be transparent. Be thoughtful. It probably doesn’t hurt to be at least a little bit funny! FundMyTravel makes it easy to share your campaign on social media and via email, which in turn can be shared by your friends and family to other people in your network. All money contributed goes directly to your account right away—even if you don’t hit your goal—so dream big. FundMyTravel does keep a small percentage to keep their site running, but donors you know well who want to avoid those fees can still contribute to you offline. Your account includes a tool for tracking your offline donations so that you can keep tally of your fundraising progress all in one place no matter how the money is rolling in.

High school summer abroad is going to be your best break ever. Period.

Women walking on the beach holding hands

The beach is a cool place to spend your summers, but you know what’s cooler? A summer abroad with CIEE.

With all that money in your account, your CIEE summer abroad high school program will be paid for in no time and you should even have a little left over for fun. Don’t forget to complete all the non-financial steps you’ll need to be thinking about before you go so that you can show up safe and on-time to the summer learning experience you’ve been working oh-so-hard for. And hug all your loved ones extra tight before you go!

That wasn’t too hard, was it? The fact is, even if all the penny pinching and the extra homework this process has generated for you does feel a bit tiring at times, it will be so worth it. A year from now, when you’re back home from your CIEE high school summer abroad and reflecting on how epically life-changing the whole experience was, you probably won’t remember the hard parts. With each passing year you will grow and learn and you’ll realize how you’ve been shaped by the good times and the bad that your CIEE summer abroad threw at you. And with that, the more tedious details of how you got that cash-money will just fade into the background of your memory.

Don’t Waste Another Second—Start Fundraising Online for Your CIEE Summer Abroad

Don’t Lose Steam: 5 Ways to Revive a Dying Travel Fundraising Campaign

Even the best, most successful crowdfunding campaigns can benefit from a well-timed boost–so, if you’re feeling like your crowdfunding campaign has wilted, it’s definitely time to energize your fundraising plan by remembering and engaging in some basic fundraising principles! Knowing that a failure to connect with donors can feel like a major setback when you’re trying to fund the meaningful travel experience of your dreams, remember that even if you’re feeling discouraged, the best thing you can do is shake it off, take a step back, and make a few changes that will help you get a fresh start on the final push of your fundraising campaign!

Dry and cracked soil

Is the energy behind your fundraising campaign quickly drying up? Then you’re going to need to learn some ways to revive it!

So where should you start? Well, as with any campaign or fundraising project, the key to keeping interest (and donations) high is reaching your donors and supporters with messaging that sparks their interest and makes them want to commit. Your ability to connect the people you’re hoping will help you to the importance and worthiness of your cause takes equal parts thoughtfulness, strategy, media savvy, and finesse. So, if your fundraising campaign seems like it’s dying, there are some easy ways to get more participants to your fundraiser and bring it back to life:

How to energize your fundraising plan

1. Check your messaging for passion, connection, and authenticity.

Fundraising is a lot like marketing. You want to make sure you have the kind of copy and content that feels authentic, sincere, and fresh, rather than scripted. Are you sharing your excitement for the opportunity with your audience? Are you smiling in your video? Do you make it clear how important this opportunity is for you–and do you highlight the good things you will do during and after your travels? If not, then it’s time for some quick edits!

And, while you’re at it, check to make sure that you’re avoiding clichés (things like “life-changing experience” or “every little bit helps”) and opting instead for passionate messaging that is all about you–and what this unique opportunity will do in real (rather than generic) terms. Think about the last time you were moved to sponsor, purchase, or donate. What made you open your wallet? Are you giving your potential supporters that same opportunity to connect? When it comes to how to fundraise for a cause, the cause is often perceived as being only as real and vibrant as its spokesperson. Look at your campaign as your audience would–and make sure you’re using the messaging to get more participants to your fundraiser by connecting in sincere and meaningful ways.

Three girls smiling and hugging

The best way to get more participants to your fundraiser is to show them your passion and drive for going abroad. Get out there and make those connections.

2. Reach your audience where they live, work, and play.

Did you share your campaign once in an email, once on Facebook, and then set it and forget it? Or, did you take advantage of the incredible opportunities to connect with donors where they live, work, and play? If you want to energize peer-to-peer fundraising, you can hardly find a better way than to include the campaign link in your IG bio and post images of you doing things IRL that will help your audience see how this travel adventure is worth funding!

Did you share the link on your LinkedIn profile along with some information about how this opportunity will advance you professional development? If so, great! Do it again–and be sure to include your final push fundraising letter. And if not, get on that!

You might end up getting donations from people who don’t even know you personally, just because they had a travel abroad experience that impacted them. And don’t forget the blogs, newsletters, and emails that you read, follow, and send or receive. This is the time to energize your fundraising plan by reminding your friends, family, fans, and followers that you’ve got an amazing opportunity ahead of you–and need their help to make it happen!

A woman standing on top of a mountain

Putting in all the work to revive a dying travel fundraising campaign will feel similar to summiting a mountain—but it’s also going to be so, so worth it.

3. Think outside the box about potential donors and contributors.

When you shared your campaign, you most likely focused on the people you knew and the communities you were part of–but as outlined in tip #2 (reaching people where they live, work, and play), you could benefit from being bold and doing outreach in communities that you don’t necessarily have a super strong, immediate, or direct connection to.

Think about second and third level contacts and relationships, for a start. Let’s say you enjoy playing volleyball on the weekends with a group of friends. Ask your teammates to share the campaign link–but also ask the members of the organizing group or gym you play in to see if you could share it with the larger group or friends of friends. In other words, leverage the relationships you have to try to forge new relationships.

And, as you consider others you might interact with during the course of your week (your favorite coffee shop, your place of worship, even your favorite veggie stand)—make sure you take the extra step to connect with someone at each of those places, asking the people you know to help you get the word out to people they know. This kind of networking will help you energize peer-to-peer fundraising by making use of the organizations, relationships, and activities you’re already connected to in the course of your life.

People buying coffee in a cafe from above

Say what?! You can potentially energize your fundraising plan just by heading down to Starbs and grabbing a latte? Sign us up!

4. Connect to mentors, teachers, and those who’ve helped along the way.

The people you know who have helped you, guided, you, and supported your success along the way (everyone from your scout leaders, teachers, and coaches, to your advisors, professional mentors, and bosses) are likely going to be among those you can count on to help you energize your fundraising plan. If you reach out to them and let them know that you’re looking for their support about how to fundraise for a cause, they will be inclined to provide you with direct support, offer some ideas about other people you might speak to, or even share your campaign with others in their own networks.

When you’re speaking to people who have helped you, you’re best bet is to make a connection between what you learned from them, and how you want to learn more through your experience so that you can share that information with others. Go the extra mile and send them your final push fundraising letter before you reach out to them, giving them time to prepare for the conversation, and anticipate your ask. And remember, people in these roles are used to getting requests for recommendations, support, and advice all the time, so you can be direct in your request, as long as you remember to treat the conversation with professionalism.

Two women sitting at a table chatting

Don’t hesitate to reach out to former mentors and managers for help with reviving your fundraiser. Chances are they have some great advice to give you!

5. Get back to basics and make the most of the time you’ve got.

While you might think of even more ways to revitalize your crowdfunding campaign than the ones outlined here, whatever you do, make sure you remember to get back to basics and make good use of the incredible resources found in the FundMyTravel Fundraising Toolkit! The basic fundraising principles that you used to make your initial campaign are the same ones you’re going to want to revisit as you make the final push of your fundraising campaign. And don’t forget the creative, fun, and playful opportunities for incentives listed in the toolkit.

The “Dress Yourself According to the Decade that Best Matches Your Donation Totals” is a great example of just that kind of fun! Basic doesn’t need to mean boring–so when you’re thinking about how to fundraise for a cause while still having fun, refer to those suggestions offered by other seasoned travelers–and be sure to make note of any of your own.

Rock the final push of your fundraising campaign!

A woman’s hands writing in a planner next to coffee and a croissant

Never underestimate the role played by organization—and coffee—in reviving your travel fundraising campaign.

Ultimately, whatever you do to make the most of the final push of your fundraising campaign, you’re going to pick up at least some of the energy and steam you need to power through to the end, as long as you make some kind of committed effort. But if you really want to finish strong, now is the time to pull out all the stops and have fun with your appeal! Do what you need to do in order to dig deep as you share your goals (and that final push fundraising letter!) with anyone and everyone you think might help provide value. The impact of your actions will go far beyond the opportunity you have to connect to your goal and have a meaningful travel experience–because when you work to get more participants to your fundraiser, you’re ultimately gaining more participants in your adventure!

The basic fundraising principles outlined here are the kind that will serve you well in your campaign revitalization–but they will also serve you well as you embark on your journey! The mindset of someone who advocates for their own opportunities is the mindset of someone interested in providing increased value as they travel to their destination. For you, this means you can count on developing an even more thoughtful preparedness as you prepare to pursue your goals in your specific travel abroad program.

The tools you use to create your video, develop your content, grow your audience, and share your message will also help you by giving you practice in cataloging your trip. And the skills you gain by working on the campaign–but also on the activities required to energize peer-to-peer fundraising–will only add valuable bullet points to your professional development portfolio. No matter how you look at this next step toward your adventures abroad, when you throw your energy behind the final push of your fundraising campaign, you’re going to gain more than just financial contributions–and while the goal is to gain those necessary funds, you will be even better prepared for whatever adventure lies ahead!

Log-In to Your FundMyTravel Campaign Today!

andi sciacca

This article was written by Andi Sciacca. Andi Sciacca is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband and their four-legged family. Andi works with inspired professionals who are expert practitioners, experienced educators, and well-known contributors to their field. She helps them take ideas and put them into practice. When not working, or writing, she loves to experience music, see the world, and learn new things. Her favorite places to travel include anywhere she can eat good food – and swim.

The Best and Cheapest Places to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is on almost every student’s bucket list. But there’s one big thing that comes to mind when you think of studying abroad: the high costs. Luckily, the question of affordability is a pesky misconception of studying abroad. If you’re one of the many students wondering how to study abroad for cheap, we’ve got you covered! There are plenty of ways to  have the experience without going into debt—especially if you’re strategic while being price conscious, and aim to find a low-cost program in one of the best and cheapest places to study abroad. Who knows, you might even end up saving money compared to studying at home.

man studying abroad in affordable country

Study abroad can be affordable—especially when you choose programs in the best and cheapest places to study abroad.

So how do you study abroad cheaper? The most important thing: location, location, location. Choose to study in countries that have cheaper costs of living than your home country, or major perks such as free tuition. By looking for places where you can stretch your dollar, studying abroad can end up being cheaper than many people realize. Here’s our list of the 12 best and cheapest places to study abroad!

Where can you study abroad for cheap?

1. Mexico

Mexico is a country of vivid landscapes, and full of culture and history. Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, has a population of over 8 million and is a city brimming with… just about everything! Many students study abroad in Mexico to brush up on their Spanish skills, but the beaches and delicious street food are also a pretty nice perk. Your study breaks can be spent in the hustle and bustle of the cities, or on the beach, where you can relax or learn how to scuba dive. Fuel up on tacos, tamales, sopes, tostadas, and churros—you won’t be disappointed!

Mexico is known for reasonably low living costs. You can rent an apartment for around ~$300, eat out for ~$5 or less ($1 tacos anyone?), and expect overall living costs of under ~$1000 per month. For Canadian or U.S. students, one perk of studying abroad in Mexico is that you can experience a whole different culture, but for reasonably cheap flight away!

2. Costa Rica

Lush rainforests and limitless opportunities to appreciate nature makes Costa Rica an adventure traveller’s dream. The country is home to incredible biodiversity that they make a huge effort to protect: 25% off the land is protective parks and reserves. They have come up as a world leader in environmental tourism. If you are studying anything environmental related, then Costa Rica is the place for you! Costa Ricans are known for a peaceful and relaxed (“Pura Vida”) lifestyle. As a student, sometimes you just need some time to relax—and there is plenty of that in Costa Rica.

It’s not the cheapest country on our list, but it offers an excellent quality of life for a reasonable price. With overall living costs of about ~$1500 a month, you can expect to rent an apartment for about ~$400 a month, and eat out for an inexpensive meal for about ~$7.  

[Save Money for Study Abroad with FundMyTravel]

3. Peru

Peru is not only a bucket list destination for many travelers, but it’s also one of the best and cheapest places to study abroad! The country is filled with intriguing displays of human history and natural beauty. Visitors and students must spend time exploring the jungles and ruins that make this country famous. You might as well hike the Inca Trail or float down the Amazon while you’re there! It is perfect for students looking to study famous ancient civilizations. Religious and cultural festivals will fill your free time with a cacophony of noise and color. And there’s nothing more unique than seeing an alpaca in traditional garb!

As one of the cheapest countries in the world, you can definitely make your dollar go far in Peru.

Rent can be as low as ~$250 for a one bedroom apartment, and meals for ~$1—$3. Of course, price of rent hikes up for major cities to around ~$500 for a small apartment, but with other costs of living being so cheap, it is definitely doable on a student budget!

4. Argentina

study abroad cheap latin america

Studying abroad in Latin America promises adventure at affordable price points

Argentina is a sizzling melting pot, with the liveliness of South American culture and a European flair. As the eighth largest country in the world, you will definitely your choice of where to live and what school to attend. The country is known for being fun-loving and vibrant, and is also home to some beautiful nature. Studying abroad in Argentina opens your eyes to interesting new experiences: you can learn more about the unique gaucho culture, while munching on some delicious grilled meats and veg. Two things you will learn to be passionate about as a student in Argentina: futbol and tango!

You can eat out in Argentina for ~$7 or less per meal. Public transit comes in super cheap, with fares under ~$1. Rent for a one bedroom apartment can be ~$300 or less, which puts living costs under ~$800 a month for a savvy student.

5. Malaysia

A mix of Asian cultures find themselves in Malaysia—and it shows. One outlet of the melting pot culture is the abundance of delicious, cross-cultural food options, which are all super affordable. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city, and a major hub for expats and students. It is busy and modern, with a new festival or event always around the corner. There are plenty more traditional cities and towns that give students a chance to explore Malaysian culture. As with many of the Southeast Asian islands, Malaysia has some stunning beaches, and little-known rainforests.

Malaysia offers students a low cost of living. You can eat out for around ~$5, and eat at a hawker centre for under ~$2. Rent for a small apartment sits around ~$350, and groceries (especially produce) is fresh, cheap, and plentiful.

6. Vietnam

Vietnam is pretty much on every budget backpacker’s bucket list. There are multiple lavish and dynamic modern cities, and a bustling urban scene. You can also take weekends to disappear to the countryside, where traditions are upheld and where natural wonders are steps away. Vietnam is home to diverse landscapes: rice terraces, beaches, sand dunes, and limestone rock formations are scattered across the country. Whether you are peacefully observing surreal landscapes, or weaving through crowds of scooters in the major cities—there’s always something new for your senses!

Once again, low costs of living is where you will save in Vietnam. You can rent a small apartment for ~$400 a month in major cities, and expect to spend under ~$5 per meal (many times significantly less, especially if you choose local food).

7. Thailand

It wouldn’t be an article about budget travel without mentioning Thailand! You’ve probably heard endless stories about all the things to see, do, and eat in Thailand—and all on the cheap. You will experience a sense of frenetic energy and adventure when you set foot in Thailand. The country isn’t named the “land of smiles” for nothing: locals are friendly, and you will fit right into the thriving expat and international student community! Thailand lures travelers in with their picture-perfect world famous beaches—seriously, some feel like paradise. Modern cities, such as Bangkok, have all of the amenities you would ever need. To top it all off, Thai cuisine is absolutely mouthwatering.

friends saving to study abroad

Rally your friends to brainstorm ways to cut back on spending and increase savings

Low cost of living keeps Thailand at the top of many traveller’s bucket lists. Living costs can be much higher in the major cities and tourist destinations—but still affordable. An apartment in Bangkok can be ~$600—not the most budget friendly, but you can find much cheaper ($200—$300) for a small apartment in other cities. Regardless of rent, food and transport is cheap. You can find street meals for ~$2 and take public transit for under ~$1, which keeps living costs low.

8. Taiwan

Taiwan is a hidden gem, with all the complexities of East Asian culture, but with much cheaper living costs. “Have you eaten?” is one question you can always expect to hear in Taiwan—there is a huge foodie culture. A plethora of delicious things to nibble on means you will never not be full. Bubble tea anyone? How about stinky tofu, soup dumplings, hot pot, or shaved iced desserts? Bustling night markets will keep you busy after your classes, and national parks and gorgeous scenery are a well-kept secret. It is also a great place for you to brush up on your Mandarin skills!

In Taiwan, you can expect rent to be around ~$400—$500 for a one bedroom apartment. Find local dishes for ~$3 or ~$4 (there will be plenty to try!), and expect to spend ~$1 to hop on public transit to get to class.

9. India

India is completely overwhelming to all of your senses. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, it’s hard not to be overwhelming! Studying abroad in India can be challenging, but you’ll be met with many rewards. The country is totally compelling, with immense cultural and natural artifacts to explore. India is a huge country filled with varied landscapes—from the Himalayan peaks and glamorous beaches to its sprawling, chaotic cities. You can find fragrant and delicious food in India, and it is a vegetarians galore!

Many international students are drawn to India for the unique culture and low living costs. There is a huge range of possibly costs in India, but it is definitely easy to live on a student budget. You can find meals for ~$2-$4,  and take public transport for ~$0.30. A one bedroom apartment can come in for ~$200 (although bigger cities can be triple that cost). Plentiful markets mean groceries are cheap.

10. Portugal

It’s easy to fall in love with Portugal. It’s a country that radiates warmth, with beautiful beaches and coasts, and charming cities. Portugal is often skipped in the Europe backpacking trail—but it is actually an extremely budget friendly country! In Portugal, you can get the experience of a European study abroad adventure for half the price (even tuition is budget friendly). With a rich history colored by its surrounding countries, and simple and delicious cuisine, you will spend most of your time feeling captivated

Students can usually get by on ~$800 a month, with rent taking up about half of that at ~$400 a month. Rent is higher in bigger cities such as Lisbon. Many cities have traditional markets (as well as big supermarkets) where you can buy groceries for cheap, and you can spend under ~$10 for a sit down lunch. To top it all off, how does a ~$4 bottle of wine sound?

11. Germany

Germany is considered to be relatively cheap compared to neighboring countries in Europe. Most schools in Germany have little to no tuition fees for undergrad and Phd level students at public universities. Germany is home to idyllic scenery: rolling meadows and fields of flowers, medieval churches and castles, along with modern cities, magnificent museums, and some of the best beer in the world. With a vibrant arts and culture scene, it is a top study abroad destination for arts students.  

Cost of living may be comparable to your home country, but you can save big bucks from not paying tuition. You can find a cheap meal out at around ~$12. Rent will be your biggest expense, sitting at around ~$900 for an apartment in the major cities, but rent can be significantly lower outside of these major hubs.  

study abroad cheaper

Europe is on almost every student travelers’ bucket list, and some destinations, like Germany or Greece, will allow you to study abroad for cheaper!

12. Greece

History comes to life in Greece—half of your education here will come from exploring ancient sites. Greece has some absolutely dreamy scenery and jaw dropping beaches. Students love the Mediterranean lifestyle; it is lively, and yet laid back, and there is plenty of time to relax from your studies. Mediterranean food is absolutely mouthwatering: savory gyros, tangy tzatziki, hearty moussaka, sugary sweet baklava will make up your student diet.

Greece has a low cost of living compared to neighboring European countries. You can pay rent from ~$200—$500, depending on location and age of your apartment. Eat out for some delicious Greek eats for ~$10 for a meal, and take a ride on transit for under ~$2.

Quick tips for affording study abroad

Now that we’ve listed some of the best and cheapest places to study abroad, here are some quick tips to make sure you can afford to study abroad:

  • Look for scholarships and grants: Hello? Free money? Sign us up. This is tip #1 for how to study abroad for cheap.
  • Currency exchange rates make a difference—you can study abroad cheaper by choosing a country where you can stretch your currency further
  • Even if you study abroad in a budget, you will definitely still have to save ahead of time! Some expenses, such as flights and health insurance, will cost the same regardless of where you choose to study. Also keep in mind that you may not be working during your time abroad
  • Make a budget—and stick to it! It’s easy to get carried away in the moment when you are studying abroad.
  • Fundraise! This is one effective way to offset the costs of studying abroad. The best and easiest way to fundraise is through a fundraising platform (this is where FundMyTravel can come in!).

Study abroad—but cheaper!

cheapest countries to study abroad

You now know the cheapest countries to study abroad!

Your study abroad adventure doesn’t have to break the bank—especially when you choose programs in one of the best and cheapest places to study abroad. It’s time to start debunking the myth that studying abroad is expensive—it really doesn’t have to be! With careful planning and a little bit of budgeting savviness, you can figure out how to study abroad for cheap. The most effective first step you can take is to choose one of the cheapest countries to study abroad, and the rest will follow!

Once you figure out the perfect location, you may even find that studying abroad is totally affordable! The best part is, many of the cheapest countries to study abroad offer just as much (if not more!) excitement and learning experiences as more expensive study abroad locations.

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jasmine harding headshotJasmine recently graduated from Western University with a degree in Media, Information and Technoculture. She lived in 5 different countries before she turned 7 years old, but she claims that none of them “count” since she doesn’t remember them. She can’t wait to actually live in 5 different countries. In her spare time, you can find her playing with cats or watching food documentaries on Netflix.

11 Secrets to Win Scholarships for Going Abroad

Wanderlust can come to many at an early age, and traveling abroad can be easy to achieve even if you are still in your college years. Scholarships for college students traveling abroad are more and more popular and you should apply for one too. Why waste all that time waiting to finish college, get a job, save up some money and go on a two week vacation—and let’s be honest, it can time a loooooong time for that to happen—when you can start right now? Of course, scholarships don’t fall out of the trees, but if you are smart about your research, get motivated and put in the work, it is so far less stressful than waiting another couple of years to do it.

scholarships for college students traveling abroad

Here’s our best advice on how to win scholarships for college students traveling abroad

And just between you and us, we have a few secrets we’ve heard and tried here and there, and we’ll let you in on them. Check out some of the best ways to apply and score scholarships for going abroad, and how you can settle quite the spending budget for your future endeavors. Give them a shot, what do you have to lose?

How to score scholarships to travel abroad

Scoring internships to travel abroad is not exactly easy, but it’s also not as hard as you might think, especially if you are serious and dedicated to make it happen. The process of getting scholarships for going abroad is considered by some as being almost as hard as applying for a job, but much more satisfying once you get it.

1. Make the commitment!

Before you even start applying for scholarships to travel abroad, be sure this is what you want and that you are willing to put in the work for it, no matter the sacrifices. Realize that financial support isn’t just handed out, but it needs to be earned. Consider what you have to offer and work for, to convince your scholarship funder to support you with your travels.

Time is valuable so learn how to manage it. Should you spend that hour browsing Instagram, or should you work on something that can improve your chances to win that scholarship, like let’s say get a certain certification? Choose wisely!

2. Decide on a destination.

Once your mind and souls are in the right place, you’re officially on the right track. So let’s start this amazing process! First things first, make a list of your most desired countries you’d like to go to. If you start with “anywhere is fine” you risk to be running all over the place and getting nowhere. Ask yourself what it is that you are looking for, what you want to achieve, what you want to experience, how will this help you in your future career and personal development etc. Answering these questions truthfully won’t only help you pick your destinations, but will also help you with your application later on.

scholarships to go abroad

Know where you wanna go? Right on!

3. Use online scholarship directories to your advantage.

Luckily for you, if you’re reading this, you’re on the right path, because we’ve already done all the research that you need to score scholarships to travel abroad. We’ve got tailored scholarships for all taste, location specific, subject specific, government grants, university grants, or organizational grants. Whatever you are looking for, we’ve got it all covered for you. All is at the power of your fingertips and you are only one click away from finding out everything you need to know to start your scholarship application today.

Here are a handful of online directories with information on dozens of travel scholarships abroad:

4. Tie it all together.

You probably already know that your best chances for getting that scholarship for going abroad is by having the grades. Having perfect grades is awesome and it definitely puts you on the top, but we all know that perfect grades is not as easy for everyone, however good grades are.

Next step, is updating your resume. Make sure you put everything in there that might catch the eye of whoever is reading it, like a TEFL certification, the fact that you’re bilingual, that amazing internship you did, or your most recent volunteer work. Anything and everything is important, BUT keep it a one pager.

Now, you might have mowed the lawn for your neighbors, but that doesn’t need to be in your resume! However, even that shouldn’t get overlooked. If you’ve done it with the goal to save up money for this experience, then put it in your essay because you need to convince your scholarship funder why they should choose you and not someone else. This not only shows that you’re a hard-worker, but also very serious about this decision. Couple this with your good grades, and you’re one step closer to your dream.

Last but not least, get references. Be it from your teachers or former employers, make sure your references are relevant and will put that one last shine on your application, that will wow your scholarship funder.

5. Apply, apply, apply.

You’re ready! You’ve got your grades, your resume is impressive and your essay is so good, it can almost make a grown man cry. All you have to do now is apply. Talk to anyone and everyone, check your school’s financial aid office, talk to your teachers or former people that have earned a scholarship, check out the study abroad office and contact them directly. Go in person if you have to. This only shows more initiative from your side and your funder can put a fresh face and feeling alongside your application. Be bold!

Other ways to save money for travel as a student

It takes work to pay for travel abroad, but when you’re in the thick of adventure, you’ll be thanking your past self!

Doing all the above is all nice and good, and you might already have all of it down to a T. Yay for you! But you’re young and you know that you want to enjoy this adventure to the max. It is, after all, a once in a lifetime experience and you want to make the best of it. Plus, after all the work you’ve put into this and you’ve gotten your scholarship, you do want to reap the benefits once you get to New Zealand, right? And that may call for an extra spending budget. Your scholarship will pay for your tuition, but it won’t pay for your free time activities. That is all on you. So how do you save some money for those special occasions? Check out some of our ideas.

6. Get a part-time job.

Going to school and working at the same time is hard work, but it is rewarding work with lots of benefits. Not only you’re getting the extra cash that you can spend on your future travels, shopping, and delicious food, but you’re also gaining experience. If you think waiting tables is no learning curve, well guess again. You’re developing your customer experience skills, people skills, time management and the notion of quality service. All important skills to have in life and in your job or scholarship applications. Once you get to your new destination, you can even try to get a part-time job there. There is nothing better than putting on your future job resume the fact that you have international work experience. Doesn’t that sound great?

7. Sell your sh*t.

Admit it, if you go through all of your things that you’ve gotten over the years, you’ll find so many of them that you even forgot you had and they are of no use to you anymore. You’ll probably tend to throw some of them out, or donate them, which is a humble and thoughtful thing to do. But before you do that, why not try to sell some of your stuff that are in good, maybe even perfect condition, to someone who will need it more. Go old school and organize a garage sale, or open a booth at the flea market. Maybe even get your parents to contribute.

Want to increase your chances at getting your stuff sold? Hit the internet! And we’re not just talking Ebay or Craigslist, which of course should be your first go-to tools, but actually become active in different communities. You have old books or console games? There are thousands of book lovers and gamers out there that love a good bargain and a special edition. Sometimes what one considers junk can be someone else’s treasure. You got old clothes that you’ve barely worn, and are in great shape? Sell them to a second hand store for a few bucks, and in time, all this extra cash adds up.

Start thinking about all that cash you’re literally sitting on right now and start selling!

8. Use your skills wisely.

men reading map

Build—and use—new skills! #physicalmapreadingcounts

If you are a native or close to native English speaker, use those skills and give some English lessons. If you can’t find enough students in your hometown, then do it online. There are hundreds of companies out there that are willing to hire you today to give English lessons online. Get your TEFL certification and increase your chances at getting one of these jobs. The beauty of teaching English online is that you can do it from anywhere, including your new country of residence, thus bringing you more money in, while you’re traveling abroad.

Are you really good at painting or drawing? Sell some of your art. Do an exhibitions, or just take it to the streets. Can you play an instrument of some kind? Offer to play in a bar, or a cafe, or take it to the streets.

Identify your skills and we assure you there is one way or another for you to make money with it. You just gotta be creative and want to make the effort.

9. Freelance.

Are you into design, photography, or creative writing and you’re really good at it? Why not use these passions and dedicate your free time to different clients that might need a banner, or a new marketing pitch, professional pictures at weddings or high class events, or write a guest article for some blogs. Learn how to be diverse and flexible, put those skills to work, increase your clientele and even build up an online portfolio that you can even use abroad.

10. Avoid careless spending.

Do you really need that extra notebook with a silly cat on it? Yes, we know it is adorable, but do you need it? No, you don’t. Don’t spend the money you made from getting rid of things on other new things. Save it up for your travels. You don’t need to go out every weekend with your friends. We’re not saying to become anti social, but if you’re out every weekend and go all out, you’re never going to build up that travel budget, so might as well give up now. We know it’s tough, but imagine all the fun you’ll have and all the things you will be able to afford, and all the delicious food you’ll be able to eat when you’ve gotten to your destination. Train that self control, suffer a bit now and rip the benefits of it later.

11. Fundraise online.

You’ve heard that right! Open an online fundraiser and start cashing in. Oh, you’ve never done this before? No worries, it’s easier than you think. It all starts with FundMyTravel and a great story to get people excited about your cause and have them spend the money. Then, start spreading the news! Use social media, hit up different forums and blogs, talk to friends and family, print flyers and spread them out in town, at your school or at your job. Start your fundraiser early on and give it enough time for people to donate.

[Use FundMyTravel to Get Free Money for Travel Abroad]

Win scholarships for going abroad!

time to goabroad

It’s about time you went abroad—and winning travel abroad scholarships can help!

Now that we’ve narrowed everything down, all you have to do is start with step number 1 and the rest will be history. You can take a deep breath, because you now know that getting scholarships for going abroad is not hard, it’s just smart work on raising that money, knowing how to value yourself and learning how to make others see, appreciate and support that value. Although most scholarships are very competitive, there are still many others that are easier to win, and getting your support for your travels might be easier to get than you thought of.

And if you ever feel discouraged, or like you need to take a break, then take that break, because it is well deserved. You don’t want to burn out either. Then come back and get right back to working on your goal. Start your process today and you can be enjoying your next siesta on the warm beaches of Spain.

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This article was written by Luciana Dinu, an avid reader and a travel junkie! She hopes to write her own book one day and inspire people with her travel stories.

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