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How to Write Effective Campaign Titles + 7 Catchy Fundraising Titles

Congratulations—you’ve made the life-altering decision to spend time abroad! Your experience is going to be stimulating, enlightening, and about 100 other adjectives that you’ll have to go ahead and determine for yourself. In the midst of all the excitement, unfortunately, comes the reality that traveling abroad never comes free (and if you’ve somehow proven that to be untrue, let us in on your secret, please!). We know, it’s a harsh truth. Whether international travel is an item on your bucket list, a requirement for your graduate studies, a gift you want to give your family, or a way to volunteer your time, there’s going to be some out-of-pocket expenses.

Man standing with pockets turned inside out

Catchy campaign titles will hopefully prevent you from having to turn your pockets inside out completely for your trip abroad!

Lucky for you, we’re living in the digital age: AKA, the time of personal fundraising websites. Reaching out to family, friends, your family’s friends, whoever you could think of to aid in supporting your travel, used to be an arduous process of writing letters and hoping they mailed a check back to you in time. With a viral fundraising campaign, you can wave goodbye to the backlogged personal fundraising ideas of your predecessors and get started on raising money right now. There’s one major thing you’re going to need in order to jump off the computer screen and into the psyche of online browsers, first, though, and that’s a glittering campaign name. Don’t stress! We’re here to help, and ready to provide you with some cool GoFundMe campaign title examples.  

Steps for creating catchy titles on FundMyTravel

  • Know your why. Have a broad sense of what you’re doing abroad before you snip it down into something more digestible: Are you studying, honeymooning, celebrating retirement?
  • Get specific. Starting zooming in on the W’s: where are you going and why? And why should the general audience care?
  • Add some pizazz. What would grab your attention if you were browsing? Is your campaign about pure excitement, achieving a challenge, or pulling on the heartstrings? Get creative!
  • Add some personality. Who the heck are you, anyway? What makes you, you—and how will people connect with YOU and the cause that you’re fundraising for?
  • Splash it in confidence. The audience isn’t going to believe in it unless you do, too!
Two people writing on a dry erase board

If all else fails, grab some friends and start story boarding that campaign title! Brainstorms are where the magic happens.

7 campaign title examples we love

1. Small Step for Cam, Giant Leap for Cystic Fibrosis ~$26,745 raised

Fueled by a personal connection to Cystic Fibrosis and a fervor to raise awareness for the disease, Cam’s catchy GoFundMe title jam packs his mission into a digestible blurb. Incorporating his own name alongside a lesser-known disease, the reader gets the punch that this individual means awareness-raising business, and gets you clicking to learn how.

2. 30 marathons in 30 countries before I turn 30! ~$5,587 raised

This is one of our favorite GoFundMe title examples: Liz tells you exactly who she is and exactly what she’s working towards. Plus, it’s easy to get hyped for goal-crushing, globe-trotting, empowered women, is it not? This title is descriptive, it’s alliterative, and it’s fun! Don’t you want to help get those 30s checked off her bucket list?

3. Love Needs No Translation ~$1,775 raised

Together, four Child and Youth workers decided to set out on a journey of advocacy on behalf of children in Kenya. Despite the succinctness of this campaign title, it’s still densely packed with heart, and the universal truth that lets you in on the secret of this mission: it’s going to be a selfless one. Indeed, the funds raised in this campaign went exclusively to community work, which is a big crowd-pleaser with personal fundraising websites. If your own personal fundraising idea involves benevolent giving, you’ll want to consider using some of this simple-but-powerful language that will resonate with the reader as worthwhile and true.

Hand holding a green pencil over white paper

Find your inspiration, drink a cup of coffee, and get to work on your viral fundraising campaign masterpiece.

4. Mr. Pennell’s Surprise Trip of a Lifetime ~$9,193 raised

Brimming with buzzwords, this is one of those catchy GoFundMe title examples that hits us in all the right, happy places. Mr. Pennell: we’ve got a name that indicates the website creators might just be kids and this guy might just have been an influential educator in their lives. We’ve got the excitement of a surprise, and the gravity of a lifetime. Plus, you get the vibe that you’re being let in on a secret. Doesn’t that grab at your interest in this viral fundraising campaign even further?

5. Helping My Dad Fulfill His Final Dreams ~$3,330 raised

Erin’s personal fundraising website title does something beautiful: it puts on an edge of urgency on a selfless deed. Her language is both evocative, as it creates wistfulness in the form of final dreams, and it is clear: her motive is helping her father. We love this title, because while it’s not specific, it has not only personality, but raw, personal touches that are getting her to her fundraising goal and her dad a trip to Africa.

6. The Dream I Dreamed as a Child Finally Comes True! ~$0 raised

Don’t let the “$0 raised” discourage you—this is one of those personal fundraising ideas that just got started and truth be told, we have high hopes. This campaign title is brimming with excitement and confidence. Her travel will presumably take place at a later date, but the unknown isn’t stopping her; she’s decided to be master of her fate and has already transformed those future dreams into her present reality.

7. Cakes for Apes ~$75 raised

Boy does this pithy and unique viral fundraising campaign title have personality and intrigue! The best part is that it’s vague enough to draw interest, but that at the same time it’s also completely representative of the mission at hand—Esteban took it upon himself to sell cakes to raise funds for the critically-endangered orangutans of West Borneo. This fundraising campaign features a title that gets you clicking, and a webpage that depicts a clearly outlined, original mission, as well as some heart-melting monkey faces. With these steps in place, can you blame us for following the banana-trail and wanting to contribute to these sweet little creatures?

You’re one step closer to creating a viral fundraising campaign!

Light bulb on a white background with yellow clothespins

Is the light bulb going off over your head yet? We hope so!

A quick internet search can get you noticing how many personal fundraising websites are out there. Meaning, an attractive title is MORE than necessary—it’s just about the only way to get those clicks that will lead to getting those funds.

When your personal fundraising ideas revolve around international travel, this concept becomes even more amplified. Many people are seeking to spend time abroad, and many of these people are banking on crowd-sourced fundraising help to get themselves there. Marketing your plan to a general audience is requisite in attaining your fundraising goals, and that all begins with an effective campaign title. Through the represented title examples, you can better recognize the objective of putting forth a clear, personal, captivating campaign name.

You’ve got this. Make that title, build that site, grab that audience, raise those funds, and get yourself going!

Don’t wait to get started on raising that money. Go create your viral fundraising campaign now!

samantha harperThis article was written by Samantha Harper. Samantha’s quest to learn about her family heritage in Prague ignited the travel flame within her. A Wisconsin native and Pitt alumna, Samantha’s insatiable appetite for the world led her into an International Relations master’s program in Italy. Still not feeling like she’d seen enough, she finagled her way into spending a summer in Spain and teaching for a year in Thailand. She is (temporarily) settled in Washington, D.C.

How to Raise Money for a School Trip the Smart Way

Your teacher just announced a school trip—there’s just one catch. Where will you get the money in time? With a deadline date and parents who may not be able to foot the bill, it’s understandable that you might be freaking out a bit about how to raise money for a school trip. Don’t worry, it’s not impossible! With a little perseverance, determination, and a bit of creativity, you will have the funds in no time.

Close up of a pile of textbooks

Maybe your dusty old textbooks will tell you how to raise money for a school trip, but we don’t think so. We’ve got ideas for you right HERE.

While raising money for a class trip may not be on the top of your to do list (if only we all had a million sitting in the bank) it might not be as hard as you think. Lucky for you, you’ve stopped at the right place to get started. FundMyTravel is all about funding trips and travel as easily and conveniently as possible. Plus, using other fundraising tools of the trade will only enhance your goal. There are plenty of fundraising ideas for a school trip, from joining in on your school’s selling tactics, to crowdsourcing the funds (more on that later), to creating meaningful incentives, the moolah needed will be yours before you can say “money please!”

“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there.”

5 smart ways to raise money for a school trip

1. Fundraise through your school program

Is your school offering a fundraiser? It’s smart to get on the bandwagon and join in. Raising money for a class trip is easier and can even be fun when you have friends and the school behind you. While it might be more time intensive, showing the initiative and hard work will go a long way in making it to your fundraising goal.

So, what can you do to create a successful school fundraiser? Here are a few tried-and-true tips and tricks to get you started.

  • Ask your parents to help out! You’ll be surprised what connections they may have at work.
  • Call your relatives. Family will often be happy to help out and buy from you.
  • Go door to door! If you’re running out of people to sell to, start with your neighbors and local community.
  • Start a friendly competition with your friends and classmates. If you’re the competitive type, trying to outdo your friends might create an extra incentive. (Just don’t let it hurt your friendship!)
A row of colorful mailboxes

When raising money for a class trip, a primary stop should always be your community. Good neighbors love to lend a helping hand!

While fundraising through your school is a great place to start, it may not cover all the funds you need. Set a realistic goal for yourself and read on for more ideas for raising money for a class trip.

2. Get creative!

Can you mow the lawn or shovel snow like nobody’s business? Do you have any favorite crafts you excel at? Are you a great with kids? How about pets? The fun thing about fundraising is that you can make it your own. There are numerous sites that sell crafts, get you in touch with parents in need of babysitters, or in touch with doggy parents who need dog walkers.

In summer months, local craft fairs will host artist booths. Try signing up! Local businesses might even put your flyer in their window (if you ask kindly, of course). Side gigs are becoming more and more popular in a quickly-changing economy. Everybody has something they can do to make some side $$. Why not turn your art or hobby into cash? Whatever your skill set or passion, start by advertising your services or product to get your name out there!

Once people hear that you are fundraising money for a class trip, the #guilt may get to them. Who doesn’t want to help a teen learn and travel the world? While you might think it’s impossible to raise the funds you need, all it takes is some brainstorming and creative thinking. Start by writing down ideas and make it your own. Nobody knows your skills and abilities like you do…so make it your own and most importantly, have FUN!

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”

3. Tell your story #crowdsourcing

FundMyTravel is all about telling your own story to create a successful crowdsourcing campaign. What is crowdsourcing? It’s basically a big word for using the internet (aka your social media sites) as a fundraising tool. Sounds easy, right? If you need to know how to raise money for a school trip, first ask yourself a few questions to get started.

  • Why do you want to raise money for a school trip?
  • What will you end up learning during the trip?
  • What are your goals for the trip?
  • Who can you share your story with?
A group of people sitting around a camp fire

Treat your story like a good ol’ fashioned spooky tale told around the campfire. The more compelling your story, the easier it will be to raise money.

Telling your story is an important aspect to crowdsourcing that isn’t always done correctly. Be honest. Show gratitude. Write a thank you. Be positive. Explain why you want to go on the class trip and what you will get out of it. If you only want to go to hang with your friends, people won’t be as motivated to donate. Yes, hanging with your friends will be fun, but finding a deeper reason to share with others will grow your crowdsourcing campaign. A deeper reason might mean getting personal and sharing things you might not have before. However, it’s all a part of making sure your potential donors feel like you are worth supporting.

If you’re honest and share your story well, your crowdsourcing campaign can be a BIG success! Set a goal for how much you want to raise and stick to it. You might be surprised who is willing to donate. Don’t forget—those who donate to you will be even more likely to donate in the future if you show your appreciation and gratitude with a handwritten thank you card. Yes, it might seem old fashioned, but it will go a long way. While the cost might be intimidating to you, crowdsourcing is a great way to raise money from the comfort of your PJ’s.

“Most giving is 80% emotion and 20% rational. The best way to get to someone’s emotions is to tell a story.”

4. Create meaningful incentives

Does asking for money make you feel awkward, uncomfortable, and simply uneasy? While it might feel awkward asking for money from family, friends, and acquaintances, the key is to create meaningful incentives. So, what exactly is a meaningful incentive? It’s a way to give back to your donors! There are many ways to do it, but the key is to give back to your donors and show your appreciation in a fun and unique way.

It’s up to you how to create your incentives, but some ideas include bringing back a souvenir for your donors, sharing your travel experiences through a blog, or even creating a competition for donors. For example, whomever donates $10 to the FundMyTravel campaign is promised a postcard from your trip destination. Another great idea is to post a video to your campaign explaining your incentives, goals, and why you want to raise money for a school trip. Here’s a fun fact: FundMyTravel campaigns that include a personal video increases odds of success by more than two times!

A pile of thank you cards on a table top next to a fountain pen

People love nifty gifties, so use that noggin to think of some meaningful incentives that your audience might be into!

Creating incentives for donors will make your supporters feel involved and appreciated throughout your journey. Take them with you on this trip! Remember, the incentive doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming, just meaningful for you and your donors. A final but very important tip—don’t make big promises that you’re not able to fulfill. Only make incentives that you will be able to follow through on.

5. Create your FundMyTravel account!

If you’re still contemplating how to raise money for a school trip, why not create a FundMyTravel account? By starting your campaign, donations will automatically be sent to your account. There is no waiting till you hit your full goal. Plus, it’s free to create an account and share your campaign! FundMyTravel only takes 5% of all donations to keep the site running and to be able to provide technical and customer support.

Links and resources to get you started

So, what are you waiting for? Create your account today! Additional FundMyTravel resources can be found here. Learn more about the process and how FundMyTravel works here! The basic steps include:

  1. Create your Campaign
  2. Spread the Word
  3. Get Funded
  4. Cost

With a story, some incentives, creativity, and lots of determination, we can’t wait to see how far your campaign will go!

These fundraising ideas for a school trip will put you on the right path

A man standing triumphantly atop a mountain

This will be you in no time if you keep your cool and follow our advice on how to raise money for a school trip!

While it might be silly to tell you to start a lemonade stand, fundraising in the real world takes the same amount of guts and determination. So go out there and find your lemons (metaphorically, of course). While everyone gets to their fundraising goal their own way, the goal is the same: raising money and feeling proud you’ve accomplished your goal.

Use the tips and tricks we laid out above to create a successful crowdsourcing campaign. Start by raising money through your school trip and utilize FundMyTravel for additional funds. While you are working on selling, start your account with FundMyTravel. Come up with creative ideas to motivate and incentivize your supporters.

Remember, lots of people need to fundraise in order to afford a trip. It’s normal! We can’t all be worth a million bucks (as much as we all might wish money grew on trees). While fundraising can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. By joining in your school’s fundraising campaign, marketing your own skills and crafts, AND crowdsourcing through FundMyTravel, you will be on the bus (or plane) in no time.

Don’t believe us? Start your FundMyTravel account today!

Create Your Own FundMyTravel Account & Start Saving For Your School Trip Now

kaila forsterThis article was written by Kaila Forster. Kaila is a recent graduate from the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in international business and history. During college, she embarked on her first adventure abroad, studying in Chongqing, China. Upon graduation, Kaila returned to China as a marketing intern with a trading company outside of Shanghai. She is currently working as a Revenue Tax Specialist at the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Kaila enjoys spending her free time cooking, incessantly bothering her cat, and volunteer teaching immigrants and refugees.

Is International Volunteer HQ Legitimate?

An international volunteer organization that provides quality programs at affordable prices sounds too good to be true, right? The kiwis of New Zealand created such an organization: International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)! With thousands of volunteers joining annually and no middle men involved, IVHQ lives up to its mission while impacting lives for the better. IVHQ works with local organizations, and because many programs are in developing countries, the fees reflect the low cost of living as well.

A group of people putting their hands in the middle in unison

Ready to get your travel on and change lives with International Volunteer HQ? Before you do so, you’ll probably want to find out if if IVHQ is legit!

Plus, the numbers don’t lie. IVHQ offers programs in more than 40 destinations around the world, has more than 3,500 reviews on independent review sites, has hosted more than 100,000 volunteers, and has provided quality services for more than 10 years. Bonus: Applying for a program with IVHQ is free! Many international volunteer portals, such as, have verified IVHQ. So, is International Volunteer HQ legitimate? Well, GoAbroad will give you the scoop on what makes International Volunteer HQ legit!

Why we know Volunteer HQ is legit

1. Modern website

Take a look at their “sweet as” website, mate! IVHQ provides transparent details about all of their programs and fees. From IVHQ’s history, to services, to community networks with IVHQ reviews, you’ll find a vast amount of organized and clear information. You can easily navigate to any of their program offerings on every continent that provides details about the location, duration, orientation, requirements, application requirements, and more. The best part? All of the beautiful photographs that will inspire you to help others and make a difference!

2. Active social media channels

IVHQ has established social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. IVHQ provides lots of support, tips, advice, promotions, event details, news, and inspiration via the social media channels. Nearly 200,000 people follow IVHQ on Facebook and more than 10,000 follow IVHQ on Twitter! Hundreds of thousands of volunteers share their reviews, stories, pictures, and plans, so you can connect with others and join the community.

3. Real people

IVHQ is only a message away via phone call, chat, or email with a detailed “contact us” page to get all of your Qs answered promptly from a real person on their website. You can also get through to a real person through their social media channels if you have any questions. IVHQ is there to help you throughout the entire application process — before you arrive, 24/7 support during your program duration, and after you return to your home country.

A group of four people embracing on a hilltop

Plus, since IVHQ is such a popular organization, you’ll have loads of real life volunteers accompanying (and befriending) you.

Also, IVHQ provides a page where you can meet the team! You can see everyone who works there, their title, their professional picture, and information about them. The staff assess local teams and provides them with extensive training to ensure high quality programs. The primary staff of the IVHQ team is to ensure that the local partner organizations and volunteer placements are a good match.

4. Reviews

If the numbers, website, and affordable fees haven’t won you over, take a peek at the reviews of IVHQ! The reviews written by alumni volunteers can help you get an idea of what the program will be like in the country, what kinds of things you’ll do there for the program and for fun, and how IVHQ will support you through the process.

5. Thousands of volunteers have written International Volunteer HQ reviews on

Many of them have shared their stories about their fears and doubts, and about how their volunteer experience abroad changed their lives. The overall rating for IVHQ on is a stunning 9.54! Here’s a few noteworthy experiences that illustrate why IVHQ is legit:

I volunteered in Nepal – Kathmandu for the Women’s Education program for 2 weeks during March. The local team was very helpful, and I enjoyed my host family experience and had a lovely time getting to know them! My placement and the food were above my expectations. I had an amazing volunteering experience at the school and got to meet many inspiring women who are eager to learn, which allowed me to learn and grow as well.” — Hala Mezher – Lebanon.

I spent a total of 5 weeks volunteering in Cusco, Peru through IVHQ. The application process was easy and straightforward. I felt supported through my application, preparation, and time in country. IVHQ was great about answering all of my questions and ensuring I was prepared for my trip.” — Sydney Lara – United States

“Volunteering in Fiji through IVHQ was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever. I had the opportunity to work with a kindergarten class, which was a unique experience. At the beginning of the program I was super nervous as I had never travelled overseas alone before, but IVHQ assisted me every step of the way. The program was well organised, the accommodation was great and the food was amazing. 100% would recommend.” — Anita Arber – Australia

6. Recognitions

Not only are the IVHQ reviews great, but so are the recognitions! Many international travel portals have verified IVHQ quite well by their own standards. GoAbroad also named IVHQ as the “Top Volunteer Abroad Organization” of 2018, and IVHQ is also recognized by the Certified B Organization. With over 221 programs listed on, IVHQ is also quite popular among volunteers.

Quick tips for becoming an IVHQ volunteer abroad

Two pairs of feet standing near a “passion led us here” sign

Passion led you here, but now it’s time to decide where it will lead next. Decide where to make a difference and nail down a project to work on with IVHQ.

First, pick a cause that’s meaningful for you! Get into gear for tramping (hiking) with wildlife projects in New Zealand, change into your traje de baño (swimsuit) for marine conservation in Costa Rica, or teach at a chuo (school) in Kenya. From children, to the elderly, to animals and habitats, IVHQ provides a plethora of choices for volunteering abroad!

Many of the causes will help you gain vital life skills or professional skills, create global connections, enhance your personal development, and learn more about a different culture. You can also volunteer with a group, a partner, or a friend. Even those from ages 16-18 can volunteer without an adult and those under 16 can volunteer with an adult in some programs.

Second, what are you waiting for?! IVHQ recommends applying for your program and country of choice as soon as possible to secure a placement. The summer time is usually quite popular for volunteer programs, but short-term programs are available throughout the year. After you apply, you’ll then have access to a MyIVHQ portal, and you’ll be connected with an IVHQ Program Manager to help you throughout the entire process and answer any questions.

Close up of a hand holding an old pocket watch

TICK TOCK! Now that you know IVHQ is legit, there’s no time to waste—apply ASAP to make sure you don’t miss out!

Third, pay for the registration fee and program fee. A plethora of previous IVHQ volunteers rave about the affordability in International Volunteer HQ reviews! The IVHQ pricing model consists of two fees:

    • The registration fee is $299, and it’s the same for every program! The fee holds your place in the program and helps with operating costs, marketing costs, travel inspections, administration costs, and more. The cost also goes toward the IVHQ fund, which helps provide education, support people with disabilities, and address environmental needs.
    • The program fee varies by country, program, duration, and other factors. The fee covers in-country costs for meals, project donations, accommodation, transportation, administrative costs, and more. The fee is due 4 weeks before the program start date and goes toward the local teams before you arrive.
    • Extra extra, read all about it! If you want to sign up for another program or subsequent program after completing an IVHQ program, you’ll receive a 10% Registration Fee discount!

Last but not least, sign up for a FundMyTravel account to fundraise like a boss! A FundMyTravel account can help you cover additional transportation costs, administrative fees, fun trips, and medical necessities.  Plenty of previous travelers have shared their success stories with implementing FundMyTravel, so you can do it too!  

FundMyTravel was made by travelers for travelers, and provides tips and tricks to help you rally support successfully. You can get as creative as you like with incentives to build momentum, engage more with your audience, and connect with extended networks. Create your FundMyTravel account, spread the word with friends and family via social media and emails, and pad that piggy bank, baby.

International Volunteer HQ is legit

A group of hands in a circle painted with a red heart

Is International Volunteer HQ legitimate? All signs point to YES. So get out there and get going on your volunteering adventure!

What makes International Volunteer HQ legit? IVHQ provides a modern website with detailed information, has received amazing recognitions, has thousands of international volunteer HQ reviews, and provides loads of support. You’ll also join an established community of volunteers, and you’ll make a difference, experience a new culture, and boost your resume. Plus, GoAbroad gives IVHQ two thumbs up and a stamp of approval!

IVHQ may have affordable fees to cover a variety of services, but you want to try more dishes, travel to more places, and take language classes, right?! Don’t let finances hold you back or get you down. Implement a FundMyTravel account to help you cover any additional travel and administrative costs, so you can eat more gelato guilt-free, Glen Coco! It’s as easy as 1,2, 3. Pick a program, fundraise with FundMyTravel, and change your life volunteering abroad.  

Make a FundMyTravel Account & Raise Money for an IVHQ Volunteer Program ASAP

Sydney LutzThis article was written by Sydney Lutz. Growing up as an “army brat,” Sydney could not help but develop a thirst for traveling. She has visited all 50 states as well as England, France, Canada, Germany, and Australia. Sydney graduated with a master’s degree in public communication and technology in Colorado, and taught abroad for a year in Quito, Ecuador. Her favorite things to do include studying Spanish, practicing yoga, and travel writing.

9 Tips to Score *Significant* Honeymoon Funds

You’re not there yet, but how will you feel when the knot’s been tied and the cake’s been eaten? Or when the flowers have almost died (*le sad*) and it’s time to handwrite your “thank-yous” (which, if we’re being honest, you’re probably dreading… at least a little bit!)?

How do you want to feel at this moment? Bursting with love? Terrified by debt? If you’re planning on getting married soon, jump on the modern-registry bandwagon and consider some alternative gift opportunities to raise money for your honeymoon.

A couple embracing amongst palm trees

That’s right! This could be YOU and your bae if you use wedding donations for your honeymoon.

You want that honeymoon trip of your dreams. You know you do. You’ve probably had enough of your in-laws at this point and you want a big ol’ break! The wedding planning and preparations will be taken care of, the big day will have come and gone, and you want to galavant abroad with your cheri to mark this monumental moment in your lives. Whatever kind of honeymoon you have your sights set on, you’ll most likely be wondering how the heck to fund it, or, more concretely, what the best way to fund it might be.

On the bright side, raising money for weddings online—or for your honeymoon—has never been easier. But it’s not all about raising money. It’s also about doing something that’s meaningful. First for yourself and secondly for others. Consider venturing further afield with your lover. A lack of money simply has the opportunity to create a barrier between that meaningful something and your honeymoon. With the right information and resources, there’s certainly a solution to solve any potential financial conundrums to help you realize your honeymoon dreams. From the backwaters of Kerala to the beaches of Bermuda, you’re going to need a little bit of dough to get out of Dodge.

Read on to learn how to score a chunk of change for your honeymoon funds by actively collecting wedding donations for your honeymoon!

How to get wedding donations for a honeymoon

Bubbling champagne framed by the ocean

Honeymoon funds can be used for anything, so you don’t have to skimp on that sweet, sweet bubbly with your…hubbly.

1. Have a plan

Decide where you want to go and what in the world you want to do. Nailing down at least a general idea will enable you and your partner to outline a budget, which will help a TON with honeymoon funds. Whether you see yourselves sat at a swim-up bar, or huffing and puffing through the Appalachian trail, it will help to have some sort of vision. Your honeymoon agenda might be easier to tackle with the help of your family and friends, too. And once you make your decision, let your wedding guests know. Being transparent about your plans can help seal the deal.

[Make a FundMyTravel Account & Secure Wedding Donations Online]

2. Create a wedding registry for your honeymoon

These exists? You bet they do! Maybe some wedding donation websites doesn’t fit your bill. You’re looking for a specific place for your honeymoon funding. More and more honeymoon-specific wedding registries are popping up. Raise honeymoon funds and goods with a personalized registry and you and your stud muffin might be closer to the Caribbean or Canada than you thought. Each of these options vary with their provisions and the majority of them will even allow you to collect wedding donations online. Flights? Accomodation? Volunteer program fees? Yes, yes, and of course, yes.

3. Take a volunteer honeymoon!

These exist! Some cool couples decide to volunteer abroad on their honeymoon—and you could, too! Love and altruism go hand-in-hand after all. Honeymoons can be so much more than piña coladas and sex-on-the-beaches (ahem) in the tropics. Consider taking a rather altruistic route while doing something productive with your newly legal partner-in-crime. Your invitees will be thrilled to support your do-good spirits. Maybe your mom’s co-workers will be more inclined to lend you a hand once they know what you’re up to?

As volunteer honeymoons are gaining popularity, we are continually seeing more and more of these organized programs designed with the newlyweds in mind. Check out some of these programs that we know are a hit. Why choose an organized gig? Organizations like GVI and Oyster Worldwide can help take care of some of the leg work. Leave it to them to assist with your visas, accommodation and placement, along with travel insurance—it’s what they do best.

Sitting couple silhouetted by a sunset

Who says you can’t do a little bit of good on your honeymoon? Volunteering as a couple abroad can be wonderful bonding experience.

4. Scale back

Less is more. Always has been, and always will be! Consider a three-course meal at your reception in lieu of a five-course show stopper. Heck, order some of your favorite pizzas and call it an evening. Take a look at your wedding budget and see where you might be able to tone it down. Maybe that means having a smaller guest list and less flowers. And that dress and his fancy cuffs? Eh, you might be able to find a more frugal alternative. If there’s a will there’s a way. And this isn’t talking about that will your great aunt forgot to leave ya.

5. Skip the wedding party gifts

It seems so often that the groom gifts goods to all of his groomsmen. And in parallel, the bride gifts goodies to all of her bridesmaids. Why not do something homemade and original to rearrange your wedding and volunteer honeymoon budgets. Or, be really original and simply tell them, “Thanks.” Is it necessary to gift your close friends something fancy and expensive all in the name of thanks? They’ll understand if they really support you and your meaningful travel honeymoon.

6. Play the lottery?

Contrary to the advice of your statistics professor, maybe you should pick up a couple of scratch-offs! Perhaps not make it a habit, but treat yourself from time-to-time. Wondering, “how in the world am I going to fund my wedding?” SCRATCH-OFFS, BABY!

….We jest. Kind of.

A couple holding hands walking up a scenic hill

Honeymoon funds can certainly feel akin to winning the lottery. And they’ll help you end up someplace like THIS.

7. Extend your stay

So often newlyweds opt for seven night jaunts. Already, that’s pretty wonderful for a vacation. And maybe you’ll opt for this too. But hold up, have you ever considered extending your stay? Say, to a 14-night excursion? Believe it or not, sometimes the longer the stay the less you will pay. Look into different, non-conventional durations and timetables for more time with your new honey. Maybe leaving on Monday and coming back the following Tuesday will help you save a couple Franklins on both flights and accommodations. Whether you’re volunteering as a couple abroad or vacationing, why not have a look?

8. Skip the wedding registry

Scrap all those kitchen appliances and fancy gadgets on a rather conventional wedding registry. Ask your guests to pitch in to your honeymoon pot. Devise a creative-yet-straightforward way to express your desires to go abroad. If they understand, they are often more than willing to support your dreams. Odds are, you’re going to remember the memories you’ll make while volunteering abroad on your honeymoon more than any countertop mixer or high-end bone china.

9. Use FundMyTravel to crowdsource

If you want to keep funding your wedding and honeymoon separately, do so. Either way, you’re in luck. Collecting wedding donations for your honeymoon with FundMyTravel is as easy as passing go. It is an online crowdfunding platform developed specifically for travelers like yourself.

Plus, it’s ridiculously easy. Two-step easy. First, take two seconds to create your account here. And then create your unique honeymoon fundraising campaign. Then, all you need to do is launch your fundraising page and start spreading the word (aka, sharing the link) on your social media platforms. Check out how it works for a few more details. If you’re ahead of the game and your campaign is up and running before your invitations are sent out, consider slipping the link to your page in everyone’s invitation.

Raise money for your honeymoon with ease

A couple cuddling on a rock by a mountain

Fund my wedding? How about FundMyTravel! Your honeymoon funds will be bursting at the seams before you say “I do.”

Get yourself together and put those ducks in a row. And don’t forget to think about yourselves. Your honeymoon.  Gather your ideas to help raise the funds you need for this honeymoon of yours. The sooner you get to it, the sooner it will stop tantalizing you. Making this one of your wedding planning priorities will help get your mind off the guest list and allow you to start traveling before the first call for boarding. Plan. Prepare. Execute.

“Short honeymoons are better than no honeymoons, but long honeymoons are best of all.” —John Davey

Long isn’t synonymous with luxurious here. It’s about doing something good and riding those waves with the love of your life. It’s time to score those honeymoon funds with your significant other. Go get ‘em, tiger.

Make a FundMyTravel Account & Start Raising Money for Your Honeymoon Today

How to Pay for Your CIEE High School Summer Abroad

Maybe you’ve been feeling like you’re too big for your hometown these days. Maybe you’re looking to stretch your legs and show your family just how independent you can be. Maybe you’re looking for a boost on your college applications. Or maybe you’ve just been so inspired by all the new content on Netflix you binged on over winter and you just have to see some of those places for yourself. The point is, you’ve got all the good reasons, and you’ve narrowed it down to a CIEE summer abroad high school program. Now there’s only one minor detail standing in your way…

Woman wearing denim jacket holding stack of books

An algebra final? The big game? PROM? All of the above? Before you embark on a CIEE summer abroad, there’s more than a few things you might have to address.

Money. And your parents just can’t stop reminding you of it, right? But you’re plucky—you wouldn’t have gotten this far if you weren’t—so you’ve got this. Roll up your sleeves. Get creative. Keep your eyes on your shiny, happy CIEE summer abroad. And when wishing it were so isn’t quite enough, here are a few more tips for getting your young financial life in order so that you can fund your CIEE high school summer abroad.

7 ways to pay for your CIEE high school summer abroad

1. Know just how much this is going to set you back

If you haven’t already been in touch with the staff at your CIEE study abroad high school program, now’s the time. Set up an account ASAP so that you can talk to someone about your plans, apply for the program of your choosing, and start gathering all the information you’ll need to build your budget. What is the program fee for the CIEE summer abroad program you’ve selected? What does that include? Do you have a valid passport or will you need to get one? Does your destination require a visa? And how much does that cost?

Find out if you’ll have to pay your own airfare and what the cost of the ticket will be. Remember—this can fluctuate, so give yourself some wiggle room! Finally, build in plenty of spending money for things you’ll want or need while you’re away: new clothes, ice cream cravings, souvenirs so your friends and family back home don’t think you forgot about them, etc. Do your homework about the exchange rate for the currency in your destination and how much the things you’ll need will cost you for the time you’re away. Be generous in your calculations so that you set your fundraising goal high. It will be better to come home from your CIEE high school summer abroad with some extra cash than it will be to come up short.

Airplane flying across blue sky

We flyin’ first class up in the sky? ….Cool your jets, you’re not that glamorous (yet). Start pinching pennies for that CIEE summer abroad.

2. Work work work work work work

We know, we know, how boring—but it’s never a bad idea to start building your resume with some real, live work experience. And work is probably the most straightforward way on this list to make sure you’ve got enough dollars in your pocket to last your whole CIEE summer abroad (or pesos or yuan or whatever it is you’ll be needing where you’re headed). In addition to an hourly job like waiting tables or lifeguarding, think about other odd jobs you could pick up in your free time. Babysitting. Lawn mowing. Painting your grandparents’ spare bedroom (don’t laugh, some of us totally did that). You might be surprised how many jobs people are willing to pay you for when they realize you’re motivated by a worthy educational experience, so don’t forget to spread the word that you’re looking for work to help fund your CIEE study abroad high school experience.

3. Be a more thoughtful consumer

Every pair of sneakers you pass on for now brings you one step closer to the even-more-amazing shoes you’ll see everyone wearing as they pass you on the streets in the super-cool city where you’ll be for your CIEE summer abroad high school program. While you’re readying yourself for this big adventure, being more careful about how you spend your money will help build up your financial reserves. Making do with less and avoiding fast fashion and rampant consumerism in general are also good ways to get you thinking about your place in the world and your impact on the planet—all things that your CIEE summer abroad will probably make you even more aware of. Why not start your incredible path of growth and self discover before departure?

Woman picking out clothes from a clothes rack

Listen to us carefully: put the cute crop top back on the rack and back away slowly. A CIEE high school summer abroad is worth so much more.

4. The fundraising magic of tidying up

And while we’re on the topic of things you really need, there are probably a whole bunch of things in your room that you don’t really need. Hold each one in your hands and ask yourself if it will still be sparking joy months from now when you’ve returned from CIEE high school summer abroad a changed person. Consider selling anything you think you’ve outgrown or could do without in a yard sale or at a local consignment shop. But be careful! Check with a parent or guardian for help if you plan to list things for sale online or through an app. You don’t want to get scammed or give out your personal information to strangers. And no selling anything that belongs to your little brother without checking with him first.

5. Scholarships are your friend

CIEE summer abroad high school programs come with scholarship opportunities for students with financial need. They also give out scholarships based on academic merit only. Make sure you apply for these internal scholarships along with your program application. In addition, check with your high school counselor, any groups you’re involved in (e.g., Girl Scouts, Key Club), and local civic or community organizations, especially groups that might have a cultural tie to your destination (e.g., the Italian American Society, the Cuban American Club, etc.), for other opportunities. Just because you haven’t heard about them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Scour the internet, but don’t underestimate word of mouth. Consider asking your aunts, uncles, and neighbors to activate their networks to help find sources of financial support.

6. Check the couch cushions

No, we’re not really that serious, but between the sofa, all of your coat pockets, and the cupholders in your car, you might just find enough to treat your family to a farewell pizza. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to leave things clean and sparkly to remember you by while you’re away?

Mason jars full of fruit lined up in a row with silly straws

And if all else fails, don’t underestimate the merits of a good ol’ fashioned lemonade stand.

7. Make a FundMyTravel account and get to crowdsourcing

FundMyTravel makes it easy for you to create a home on the web for all of your CIEE high school summer abroad fundraising efforts. Tell your story of where you’re going and why. Explain to people what makes you special and worthy of this opportunity. Be transparent. Be thoughtful. It probably doesn’t hurt to be at least a little bit funny! FundMyTravel makes it easy to share your campaign on social media and via email, which in turn can be shared by your friends and family to other people in your network. All money contributed goes directly to your account right away—even if you don’t hit your goal—so dream big. FundMyTravel does keep a small percentage to keep their site running, but donors you know well who want to avoid those fees can still contribute to you offline. Your account includes a tool for tracking your offline donations so that you can keep tally of your fundraising progress all in one place no matter how the money is rolling in.

High school summer abroad is going to be your best break ever. Period.

Women walking on the beach holding hands

The beach is a cool place to spend your summers, but you know what’s cooler? A summer abroad with CIEE.

With all that money in your account, your CIEE summer abroad high school program will be paid for in no time and you should even have a little left over for fun. Don’t forget to complete all the non-financial steps you’ll need to be thinking about before you go so that you can show up safe and on-time to the summer learning experience you’ve been working oh-so-hard for. And hug all your loved ones extra tight before you go!

That wasn’t too hard, was it? The fact is, even if all the penny pinching and the extra homework this process has generated for you does feel a bit tiring at times, it will be so worth it. A year from now, when you’re back home from your CIEE high school summer abroad and reflecting on how epically life-changing the whole experience was, you probably won’t remember the hard parts. With each passing year you will grow and learn and you’ll realize how you’ve been shaped by the good times and the bad that your CIEE summer abroad threw at you. And with that, the more tedious details of how you got that cash-money will just fade into the background of your memory.

Don’t Waste Another Second—Start Fundraising Online for Your CIEE Summer Abroad

amelia dietrichThis article was written by Amelia Dietrich. Amelia’s day job keeps her busy helping study abroad professionals grow and improve their professional practice in order to help college students have safe, high-quality educational experiences abroad. When work travel isn’t enough, Latin America is her destination of choice thanks to a past life as a Spanish teacher and bilingualism researcher.

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