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23 Jan: How to Save Money for a Gap Year (+ 3 Gap Year Scholarships)

From studying traditional arts in the Himalayas to learning Spanish on the beaches of Barcelona to caring for wildlife in the desert in Namibia, a gap year will give you amazing opportunities to expand your global perspectives. However, these experiences can be expensive, so you’ve probably been finding yourself wondering how to save money for a gap year. How to save money for a gap year is a burning question among gappers seeking to spend time abroad. Most students who have graduated high school or college choose to take a gap year to help them navigate future paths in life….

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22 Jan: How Much Does It Cost to Go to Spain for 2 Weeks?

Does it seem like everyone around you is suddenly working remotely in exotic locations or balancing work/life/travel much better than you? Do you scroll through Instagram wondering how everyone can afford luxurious vacations to stunning islands or cobblestoned villages? Did you miss the boat on studying abroad for a semester but are still dying to pick up some Spanish? The good news is…it’s never too late to spend a couple weeks in Spain accomplishing whatever goal is in your heart! Not everyone can afford or make the time to spend an entire semester studying abroad in Spain or working remotely…

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19 Jan: Where Can I Go For Spring Break on a Budget?

You have just spent the last few weeks cramming too much knowledge in your brain, surviving on five hours of sleep a night, and numerous cups of coffee. So you definitely deserve to treat yourself this spring break. The only things getting in the way are guilt and money. Well guess what?! There are plenty of inexpensive spring break destinations that will leave you feeling guilt-free. Places where you can relax on the beach, while beefing up your CV, and without having to dip into your purse too much. Whether you want a spring break topping up the tan, climbing…

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22 Dec: 5 Affordable Christmas Mission Trips to Take This Winter

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus…with a bag full of mission trips over Christmas break! Not quite the carol you’re well accustomed to, but why not? Waiting until spring break for your next getaway is so ‘90s. Winter mission trips are an excellent time to get out of dodge while exercising your altruistic side. While you most likely have more vacation time to spare, this is a great reason to take a break from the harsh realities of winter. Looking to avoid those holiday obligations? Or maybe the opposite — you might want to take a break with…

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05 Dec: 7 Best Places to Retire in the World on a Budget

Question: What could possibly make the idea of retiring more tantalizing? Retiring abroad… on a budget! It’s truly a dream come true; you get to choose the culture and climate that really moves you and explore it until you drop. No commitments, no worries, no pricey resorts. Just you and the sound of waves gently lapping up on pristine beaches. If you’re looking for the best places to retire in the world on a budget, you’ve come to the right place!  It can seem a little far fetched, right? Retiring in paradise? That’s reserved for billionaires. News flash: The best…