Study Abroad
Studying abroad gives students an excellent opportunity to see the world that is outside their own country, but often, studying abroad can come with a high price tag. In addition to the necessary cost of classes and course materials, if you want to study overseas, you need to also consider the cost of things like food, additional travel, and experiences while you are there to get the most out of your student visas.

When abroad, you’re going to want to enjoy the new city you’re living in. Most study abroad programs don’t provide a meal plan, which you may have been given at your home campus. This leaves you with additional costs you may not have had while studying at your school’s campus. Furthermore, depending on the city and area you visit, you will probably want to make additional weekend trips to explore the cities around you.

Fortunately, there are still some amazing cities that have low costs of living where you can fully enjoy the culture of another country without having to pay an arm and leg. Here are ten of the best affordable cities for you to study abroad in 2016.
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