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6 Essential Money-Saving Tips to Travel on a Budget

Many think that traveling is a luxury which can be done only if you have loaded pockets. Wrong! It is possible to travel the world on a shoe-string budget too. If you’re planning to travel long-term, then a travel budget is essential as it will eliminate the stress of running out of money. So, how to do it? Read on to find tips and tricks on how to create a travel budget.

Determine Daily Travel Budget

Yes, budgeting is necessary even when traveling. Consider the duration of your stay and determine how much you need to spend each day to stay within your budget. Include the accommodation and activities you plan to do during the trip. If you overspend a few days, balance it out by under-spending on another day. You can use apps to track your budget and to ensure that you stick to the planned budget.

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How to Plan a Mountain Bike Trip on a Budget

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Mountain biking is becoming an increasingly popular sport nowadays. Because it beautifully combines extreme cycling with the opportunity to witness the most breathtaking wonders of nature, more and more people are taking it up. However, with the costs of purchasing the necessary gear and equipment, as well as traveling to new locations, it can get rather expensive.

Useful Tips

In spite of the initial costs, mountain biking doesn’t need to break the bank. There are plenty of budget-friendly alternatives for everything you might need, from the bicycle itself, to accommodation and back. You just need to identify where to look for them. Here is what you need to know about planning a MTB trip on a budget.

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Living like a local in the Indonesian Jungle

Traveling abroad and experiencing great adventures don’t have to be costly. For my last travel, I went to the Indonesian Jungle to live with a local family in a homestay. At first, I was very afraid that 6 weeks may be a long time for such an extreme change of cultures. But rest assured, it was the best travel experience I ever had at a very affordable price.


Normally I book my stays through Airbnb or simple hotels. This was the first time I actually went for a homestay and it had many advantages, apart from being very inexpensive.

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Top 5 Pocket-Friendly Accommodations in South Africa

Planning a trip to South Africa? If you’re looking for the best accommodation while you’re staying in this wonderful place, then this article is for you.

After a long day exploring the vast forest and safaris, or sight-seeing the gatherings of animals in the wild, or swimming in the turquoise-colored water on the beach, or hiking on the world-renowned beauty of Table mountain – you need a place to stay to ensure you will be ready for the next day of exploration in South Africa.

Let’s discover where you should stay with this list of top 5 accommodation in South Africa that doesn’t break the bank.

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Saving Tips to Help Fund Your Vacation Plans

Who doesn’t dream of going on a vacation each year? Away from the everyday hassles of life and work. Spending some time alone, with friends or family, in a lovely place, with nothing to worry about. Alas, this is a luxury not everyone can afford. Or so  thats what you may think. In reality, anyone can save for a vacation and it is not super difficult. Let’s go through a couple of habits that can help you stop dreaming about that vacation you have been wanting to go on for so long and actually go!  Stick to the habits outlined below and you will find it very easy to save money, reach your financial goal, and travel.

Budget your vacation

The first step of saving for a vacation is to determine how much you expect it will cost. Include every little thing in your estimation: plane tickets, fuel consumption, hotels, meals, souvenirs, entertainment, and so on. Once you have a total, make a plan to reach your budget and stick to it.

Separate savings account

Having a separate account solely for the purpose of saving  for a vacation ensures that you are clear on how much you have managed to stow away and how far or close you are from achieving your goal. You will be more focused on growing that account and will be able to track your savings easily. A good idea is to have automated savings set up so that each month, or week, a certain amount of money will be pulled from your checking account right into your savings account. This will help you accumulate funds quickly!

Get another job

You could work another job, part time, to cough up extra cash. If you do this, make sure to save every penny you make from your second job for your trip. You were able to make do with one job’s salary before so I am pretty sure you can continue living on one salary and put those extra earnings into your savings.

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