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How to Explore Cancun on a Budget

Cancun is easily the hottest tourist spot in Mexico. With stunning beaches and plenty of places to explore, it’s easy to see why. Unfortunately, many travelers are put off by this destination because of the costs. It’s largely considered that Cancun is quite expensive for tourists.

However, this isn’t strictly true as you can easily explore Cancun on a budget. To figure out how here’s my short and helpful guide:

Cut Down on Transport Costs

You can eliminate a lot of spending by cutting down on your transport costs around the city. Choose buses over taxis as it’s well known that taxi fares can be pretty high during peak tourist season. Also, try walking to as many places as possible. You’ll be amazed at how many great tourist attractions are all within walking distance of the main city.

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Where Are the Best Places to Travel on a College Budget?

Being a student does not mean spending all of your time on a college campus. Today, students can find cheap flights and cheap, or even free, accommodations in many cities across the world. If you want to travel, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. Many destinations are affordable to everyone, you just need to know a few tips that will help you save some cash.

First, let’s go over the basic tips and tricks that will come in handy for everyone who wants to discover the world on a budget.

Check Tickets in Advance

Did you know that if you buy tickets 6 months before the departure you can save a pretty good sum of money? Even if you buy tickets 3 months before, you still save money. So, plan your trips in advance and keep an eye out for flight discounts. Continue reading

5 Ideas to Make Your Travel Fundraising Campaign More Appealing to Donors

Being a part of a travel fundraising campaign, the first thing you need to understand is that you don’t convince donors to pay for your trip, instead you help them realize that they already care.

If they are reading stories and blogs on this website, then the odds are that they are at least considering donating money for your meaningful travel abroad.

Crowdfunding is never easy and takes a lot of effort, here are some tips to help you finance your travels:


To convince donors to contribute to your travel campaign, you need to understand the factors which would persuade them to willingly do so. In marketing terms, you need to know who your target audience is and the way their minds work. And that requires a lot of research.
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How to Save Money While Traveling in Eastern Europe

Traveling around Europe is the dream gap year for many of us, but the dream can often remain that way when it comes to having enough money to travel and experience Europe to it’s fullest. Having spent some time scrimping, saving and backpacking around Europe there is one tip I offer everyone who wants to get out there on a budget…head East.

Eastern Europe has somehow remained a hidden secret, yet having spent time traveling around Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, I can honestly say this is a great region to travel due to low costs and being rich in history and character.

I have put together a few tips I have picked up from traveling around the region.

Move locally. Travel Cheap.

Like most of the rest of the world Eastern Europe sees it’s share of budget airlines flying in and out. Surprisingly there are actually more budget flights coming in and out of Eastern Europe than in the West, try WizzAir as a cheap alternative.

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How To Travel South Africa On A Budget

South Africa is a wonderful country and it boasts a magnificent selection of diversity and wildlife. If you plan to experience the whole world in one country, South Africa should be at the top of your destination list. In South Africa, you will not only see and experience new cultures and 11 different languages, but you will also be able to see the rich history the country has and how it was resurrected out of Apartheid by the late Nelson Mandela.

Since traveling is quite expensive, it can sometimes be daunting to go anywhere in the world. Prices are generally inflated for tourists and this means that you will not really be saving when you are going to countries with a weaker currency. In this article, I have decided to look at South Africa as a country and share a few tips with you on how you could travel and enjoy your stay in the Rainbow Nation country without having to break the bank.

Before we start, you will have to know that South Africa is a country that is riddled with poverty as well. The country might have an extremely beautiful infrastructure and also a very diverse and exotic natural presence, but the poverty is still present as well.

To enjoy your stay, you will need to look past this and take the country for what it is. Here are my tips for enjoying your stay in South Africa on a budget:

Plan your trip ahead of time and use the international airports to your advantage

South Africa is a hub for international flights and this can be seen as a great way of entering the country in a cost-effective manner. Since there are generally multiple flights going to South Africa, you will not need to spend the extra money on those chain flights just to get into the country. There are also multiple international airports and they will give you an easy way to get from province to province.
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