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Simple Strategies for Money Management for Today’s European Traveler


I’ve been traveling for many years now, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I just love meeting new people, seeing new places and feeling like a local everywhere I go. However, I haven’t always been the most frugal voyageur. I used to spend tons of cash on reckless things such as accommodation, flights, attractions, and more. I don’t do that anymore as I’ve learned that there are great money management tips I can apply to save cash without compromising on the quality of my trips.

Europe – a stunning and cheap continent everyone can explore on a budget

If you’re a Europhile like me, then you probably know that summer is the ideal time of the year to explore the European cities. Sadly, summer is also peak season around the continent, which means rates for accommodation and flights skyrocket. I do love a good bargain, so if I want to travel in the summer, I look for flights and lodging in advance. And by “in advance” I mean at least 5 months ahead.

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Surviving in London on a Student Budget: 5 Top Tips

London is a large and incredibly expensive city. If you want to rent a room, not in the city center, you will have to pay about £1000 per month. It seems that surviving on a student budget is really tough. And it’s true! However, we have 5 Top tips that can help you  save some money and economize on a couple of things.

1. Walk

It is recommended to walk in London instead of using public transportation. It will be not only cheaper for you, but also help you become healthier. In addition, in the morning and evening (when people need to get to/from work) the underground stations (especially the red line) and buses are very busy. Therefore, during the walks you may feel better while passing by the parks and buildings instead of staying in the crowds and waiting for another train or bus. However, if you choose to travel by tube, buy an Oyster Card or a Student Oyster Photo Card, which gives 30% discount on all the underground and bus fares.
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How to Survive a Day in Paris with 10 Euro in the Pocket

How often have you dreamed of visiting Paris? Did you know there are a lot of fascinating places that don’t require a single penny to admire them? Together with Lucy Adams, a blogger from Buzz Essay, let’s have a look at a few must-see attractions that are ready to take tourists for less than €10.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame is the most famous church in the world, a majestic monument of architecture and one of the main attractions of Paris. You just can’t miss visiting this place! It combines Romanesque style with a sharp and majestic Gothic style. The interior is decorated with medieval statues, stained glass, and paintings.

Entrance to the cathedral is free, although you have to pay to get to the upper levels.

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Journey of a Lifetime: 5 Tips for Your European Vacation

Journey of a Lifetime
Backpacking through Europe is the most popular way for broke people to turn their fantasies of a European adventure into a reality. There is simply no cheaper way to see all the sites Europe has to offer than with a fistful of Euros and a backpack slung around your shoulders. In this short article, we will give you a few tips to consider before hopping on that glorious plane headed for Heathrow.

Accommodation Situation

One thing you want to square away before heading to Europe is where you will be staying. If you are traveling in summer, you may want to check if universities in the areas you are visiting have accommodation. Note, summer season is one of the busiest times for tourists, so it is especially important to book hostel accommodation well in advance. Also, if you don’t mind really roughing it, you could save a great deal of money by camping in designated areas for a few days.

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