Today’s FundMyTravel blog post has some tips and tricks about saving money while traveling Eastern Europe.

If you’re looking to go traveling but don’t want to spend a fortune, then Eastern Europe is the place for you. It’s possible to pass through multiple countries, be swept up in local culture and explore a whole host of landscapes all for much cheaper than you might spend in a hotel for one week anywhere else. But just how should you get the most out of your money?

Hostels, Not Hotels

The first thing to do is to get rid of the idea of staying in a hotel. It may well be worth booking a hotel for your first and last night – especially if you have a flight or train to catch – but otherwise, stick with hostels. They are substantially cheaper, but this isn’t the only advantage. Part of the reason that hostels are so much cheaper than hotels are the shared rooms/dorms and this is a blessing in disguise. You’ll often find other people making similar trips around Eastern Europe on similar budgets, so it’s a great way of getting recommendations for local gems you might not have heard of. Plus, you’ll probably run into some of them in a later city – meaning you might even make some permanent friends.

Take the Cheap Route

Look into different kinds of transportation to get from place to place and take which ever is the cheapest option. There are reasonable limits to set – for instance, if you get car sick, you might want to avoid coaches even if they’re the cheapest choice – but generally, if you can find a cheaper alternative, look into it. Instead of taking planes take boats, trains take coaches, and pleasant of going on afternoon trips go in the early mornings. Cutting down the actual cost of your travel will give you more money to spend on the trip itself, and might lead to you discovering interesting towns that you otherwise might never pass through.

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