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7 Tips To Raise Funds For Your Round The World Travel

shutterstock_248845498You can’t travel unless you have money, and getting paid to travel is something that is not easy to do. So, what should you do to have the funds to  take a trip around the world? Well, there are no easy answers here but one thing is sure, you need to learn ways to manage and control your money. You also need to practice  good money saving habits to supplement your income to make travel a reality.

Here are 7 tips to raise funds for your trip round the world:

1. Earn through saving

You can save, and save enough, to raise funds for your proposed trip. You needn’t cut down on the essentials; rather, the focus should be to reduce expenses on things that you could do without. You can workout at home (this takes off a gym membership cost), you can dine out less frequently, take public transport more often, avoid frequent bar-hopping and so on. These are just some of the ways you can save enough without disturbing the rhythm and pace of your life too much.

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7 Creative Donor Rewards Ideas

Donor Reward

Wondering how to get your potential donors excited about your FundMyTravel campaign? Well, worry not! FundMyTravel has created a simple way to get everyone who visits your page pumped to support you and your travels.

Here’s the secret: Create donor rewards. These incentives are an easy way to give back to anyone who has funded your travel dream and might convince Aunt Susie to bump up her donation level a notch.

Check out these seven examples of awesome donor rewards – feel free to copy them for your campaign or get inspired to create your own!

1. Hello from (your destination)!

Who doesn’t love getting mail? One of the easiest ways to say thank you to your donor is to send them a postcard from your travels or write them a short thank you note. Whether you’re going to Budapest, Bangkok, or Boston, sending a quick postcard or handwritten note is a great way to say thanks!


Some of our favorite ways to do this are to send a handwritten note before you leave, a postcard from the place you are staying, or a postcard from one of the cities you are visiting that a donor selects. Another great idea is to draw your own postcard and send it to your donor.

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Different Ways to Fund your Travel

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Okay boys, girls, young adults, and not so young adults, your friends and family may have told you that going abroad is too expensive. That is a boldfaced lie! There is always money for it, you just have to go find it. We are going to focus on ways you can make some extra money to go abroad. Outside of the typical working extra hours and picking up another job. As well as a few ways you can cut your costs (because a penny saved is a penny earned, right?)

Garage Sale

Let’s face it, you probably have a mountains of useless junk lying around at your humble abode. Old clothes, toys, knick knacks that seemed like a good idea at the time, but now are just really cool paper weights. Why let them take up space when they can be productive and fund your next trip abroad? SELL THEM. Trust me, it will make your life simpler for having less junk and more fulfilling for having gone and that trip

Travel / Rewards Cards

These days there are lots of credit cards that can get you rewards points to fund your adventures. Once the points add up you can get free airplane tickets and hotels! Use the card as much as you can. Make your large important purchases with them. You know that new iPhone you wanted? Use the your rewards card! Splitting the bill with friends and family? Use your card and have them give you the cash! (saves you that extra walk to the ATM too!)

Top Credit Card Rewards

Best Travel Credit Cards of 2017

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5 Unique Fund-raising Ideas To Save Money For Your Dream Trip

Looking for creative ways to collect funds for your FundMyTravel campaign? Well, you’re in luck. Todays guest blogger has some great online and offline ideas just for you!

Sometimes life revolves around fulfilling a dream no one else can see, but you. There are many travel junkies who give up their jobs just to travel around the globe. Others keep doing their jobs along-with a hidden desire of having enough funds to finance their travel dreams. If you are one such person, then do away with all your worries because we bring to you some unique ideas which will help you raise funds easily for your dream trip.

Optimize Social Media Platforms

Once you have created your FundMyTravel campaign page utilize your social media platforms to spread the word about it. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are all great platforms to share your campaign. Once you have shared your campaign to your network ask your family and friends to share your campaign on their platforms. The more shares your campaign gets, the more likely potential donors will see your campaign page!

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“Thanks a Million!” How to Say Thank-You to Donors

Sometimes the most difficult part of the fundraising process is saying thank you. How do you do it? A song? A crocheted scarf? Maybe you’re not too fond of your singing-voice, but your crochet-skills are on-point. Maybe you like paint and want to create portraits of all your donors. Or maybe you simply want to say thanks in person over a nice dinner. There are numerous ways to thank donors, and the style is up to you!

No matter what you think would work best, be sure to say thank you somehow. Sure, a donation is a no-strings-attached way to receive funding, but nothing is more satisfying to a donor than a personal thank-you. Donors will feel they have made a wonderful impact on your life, and they may be more enthusiastic to donate in the future after a proper thank-you! This article will outline some points to consider when preparing to thank your donors.

Consider the process:

Studying abroad is quite the long journey, and earning money is among the first steps of many. Waiting to thank your donors until your adventures are over might mean waiting months or even a year! Why not use collected materials on your journey as a way of saying “thank you” along the way? These materials can be photos, short video clips, postcards, and blog posts. Share your experiences with donors in the moment!

Donors also enjoy feeling exclusive, so addressing funders in particular would provide a personal touch to your updates.

Demonstrate new skills:

Are you learning Spanish abroad? Show off your skills by saying thank-you in Spanish or any other language you may be studying. Singing opera in Italy? Create a video message singing thank you using your incredible vocal technique. Using skills directly related to your experiences abroad is an excellent way of creating a personalized thank-you! Again, the best thank-you is a personal thank-you.

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