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Beautiful Ways That You Can Commemorate Your Trip

The thing about travel is that it doesn’t matter where you go, each place you visit will provide a different experience that isn’t easy to put into words. Unfortunately, it might feel like you’ve been back home only a few weeks before the memories begin to fade. The good news is that if you find meaningful ways to commemorate your trip, you can make these recollections last as long as you want. Here is how you can do this:

Take Expressive Pictures

Now, something you are guaranteed to do while traveling is to take lots of pictures. However, if you look closely at the snapshots you have taken before, you may find that something is missing. This could be because you have focused on getting the prettiest shot rather than one filled with meaning.

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6 Tips to Raise Money through Your Travel and Photography Passion

Looking to earn money from your travel?

Well, we all take pictures during our travel, don’t we?

I believe your travel photos could be a great way to earn money, all you need is a good camera, few ideas and  some guidance and you are good to go!

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks to make money through your travel photos, this article will set you on the path to a richer future.

1:  Start by Volunteering for Photography Services Locally

How do you start a career in photography? The best way is to look for volunteering opportunities and paid internships in your local area. Organizations like 100cameras offer paid internships worth 30,000(USD) per year. This serves many objectives. First, it allows you to understand the economics of photography. Knowing the exact deliverables, while conversing with people enables you to visualize the photographs that you need to click for the client and the purpose. Second, it allows you to pick up people skills required to pursue photography as a career option. Third, it spreads the word in your locality that you are into photography.

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Nomadic Career Path: 4 Degrees To Help You Travel The World

Woman sightseeing in London on a summer day

Woman sightseeing in London on a summer day

If you dream of traveling the world, you should earn a degree in a field that will allow you to fulfill your wanderlust. Certain degrees will open the doors to career opportunities in international locations where you can make positive contributions while exploring a new country. Here are four degrees that can help you travel the world.

International Trade

When you earn a master’s degree in this field, you may be able to land a job with a top international trading company that will assign you to a position overseas. Working in international trade will give you the opportunity to learn about different currencies and how they affect the global market. You may also be in charge of managing import and export deals. In addition to exchanging goods and money, working in international trade is a great way to learn more about cultural and political relations. Continue reading