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How Can Travel Develop Your Career Skills?


Traveling is not all about fun. A great deal of it is, yes, but not all. And it is definitely not a time wasting activity as some feel. In fact, traveling has much more to offer to us than we assume – in terms of both health benefits and in honing our skills. You see, through traveling you better understand your own self and the world around you which helps you improve your lifestyle and working skills. Normally we tend to think of traveling as something we indulge in in order to get away from work and the stress that life showers us with. When we talk about going on vacation we basically and usually mean that we are taking a break from everything and relaxing to de-stress ourselves. Yet, even while on travel, you are learning new things that could advance your career.

Time management

When traveling we have to manage our time such that we make the most of our vacation. We have to set a routine if we want to fully explore the new place. Allot time for specific activities and adhere to it. Plan everything properly to use your time effectively. Prioritize, set goals and work smart. You require all this if you want to get the most out of the vacation. Time management is also required at your workplace. You will get more accomplished if you manage your time properly.

Research skills

When you are visiting a new city you have to find out all that you can about it before going there, especially if you have not hired a travel agency or a guide. You do not want to be stranded in a foreign land, not knowing what to do,  just because you did not research enough about the country. You should find out about the popular hangouts you need to see there, the souvenirs or items the place is famous for, the dishes you should try, safety measures you need to take, in fact even what the weather there is going to be so you pack accordingly. All this requires research and when you are back at the office after your vacation your research skills will have improved.

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Fundraising Extraordinaire: Crowdfunding as a Resume-Builder

Your crowdfunding experience should make you shine with pride. It is something that you should be able to list on your resume and discuss with confidence in an interview. Running a successful fundraiser campaign speaks to many valuable skills that can impress future employers. Don’t sell yourself short! These are just some of the marketable skills you will gain by running a crowdfunding campaign.

Financial Analysis

As you plan your campaign, you have to conduct an analysis to plan for expenses. Crowdfunding forces the campaigner to seriously determine how much money he or she needs to fundraise. FundMyTravel users must consider airfare, housing, program fees, travel insurance, and much more. Budgeting plays a role in every company, and if a budget is misjudged, this can cause serious issues. Accurately forecasting costs will earn you points with businesses and organizations who rely on precise reports to run a profitable operation.


While there may not be a formal exchange of a good or service, crowdfunding absolutely transforms the fundraiser into a salesperson. When you ask potential funders for donations, you are essentially marketing yourself. First, you are making a sales pitch; you are reaching out and asking people to invest in you and your experience. You must earn trust and credibility to prove that what you are doing is meaningful. To make the sale, you have to convince potential donors that you are worthy of their contribution.

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