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5 Useful Secrets to Slash High-Cost International Roaming Charges

Nothing is as exciting as getting ready to go on an international trip. However, handing over an unexpected roaming bill of $1000 to your parents or partner might not go over so well.

Seems to be exaggerated? As per an estimate made by Juniper Research, revenue from global roaming services is expected to reach $90 billion a year by 2018. Well, it is quite easy to make calls to friends and family when you are abroad and unknowingly spend $1000 or more. However, being ignorant about per second and per minute charges, along with Peak and off-peak charges, can burn a big hole in your pocket. This happens because you are unaware of the fact that international calling charges are brutally expensive.

How to Combat Roaming Bill Shock?

According to an FFC Survey, 30 Million Americans, or more precisely, one in six mobile phone users have experienced a sudden bill shock. So, if you are one of those with a distressing bill in their hands, here are some useful tips for you:
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The Sim Card Shuffle: How to Travel and Stay Connected

A smartphone is fast becoming the most versatile machine a traveler can own. It is our telephone, stereo, messenger, high resolution camera, and POS system. And in a turn that makes the smartphone even more valuable to our everyday functioning, even mythically-so, there’s this: it’s not constrained by nationality.

From buying a local SIM card, to signing up for an international mobile plan, to wifi hopping, there are all sorts of ways to use your smartphone to stay connected when traveling around the world.

Local SIM Cards

A SIM card, short for subscriber identity module card, is that square plastic wafer nestled inside your smartphone. Its job is to store information and connect the device to the carrier network.

The thing that makes a SIM card so great for travel is that it’s entirely interchangeable. If you’re taking a vacation to Italy and want your phone to put on a fancy Italian jacket and speak to all the right Italian cell towers, you can simply buy a local SIM card and for all intents and purpose it will be an Italian phone. Yes, you’ll even get a new, local phone number.

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