Check out how this traveler decided to leave his 9-5 day job and travel the world for a year, and how he got free travel insurance!

Some years ago I got tired of wearing a collared shirt and tie, so I decided to take a leave from my consulting job and go live abroad for close to a year. I ended up going to Thailand to work for a local humanitarian organization. I was going to be in Thailand for about a year so I started researching travel insurance and that is when I got the shock. Travel insurance for more than a month is crazy expensive, almost a thousand dollars, and I would have to be paying that for a year!

Not exactly an exciting expense, so it was time to think out of the box.

After a little bit of thinking, I decided to email 3 insurance companies and see if we could make a deal that would benefit both of us (that’s important, don’t expect anything if the deal will only benefit you).

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