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Travel Tips 101: What You Need To Know About Traveling To The Philippines

Travel Tips

Regardless of the season, traveling in the Philippines is always  fun and exciting. It is a great thing to do to, unwind, reduce stress or anxiety, and improve your social skills. When you travel in the Philippines, you will not only enjoy the tourist spots, but you will also learn a lot about culture, history, and people. Below are some travel tips to help you make the most of your journey!

Read Travel Reviews

The internet is abundant with travel sites, which help and guide people to their next travel destination. If this is your first time traveling, reading travel reviews can assist you in identifying which tourist spots are the most recommended by most travelers. On these sites you will see different reviews or opinions from  people who went and experienced traveling in that particular place. Reading reviews from people helps to ensure that you will not regret going to that particular spot later on.

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How to Survive a Day in Paris with 10 Euro in the Pocket

How often have you dreamed of visiting Paris? Did you know there are a lot of fascinating places that don’t require a single penny to admire them? Together with Lucy Adams, a blogger from Buzz Essay, let’s have a look at a few must-see attractions that are ready to take tourists for less than €10.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame is the most famous church in the world, a majestic monument of architecture and one of the main attractions of Paris. You just can’t miss visiting this place! It combines Romanesque style with a sharp and majestic Gothic style. The interior is decorated with medieval statues, stained glass, and paintings.

Entrance to the cathedral is free, although you have to pay to get to the upper levels.

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