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What We’re Looking For

  1. Articles MUST be original pieces not published on any blogs, websites, or other sources.
  2. Written content is between 200 and 800 words maximum
  3. Posts can be a photo essay/video essay, as opposed to written content
  4. Posts can be written in the first person
  5. Posts that feature information about creating a successful FundMyTravel campaign, tips for crowdsourced funding, and other articles about the FundMyTravel platform
  6. Useful tips for first-time travelers and adventurers
  7. Posts that are time sensitive to international holidays, campaigns, etc.
  8. Posts that are relevant to current events in the meaningful travel and fundraising industries

What You Get Out of Writing For FundMyTravel

  1. Published Work: FundMyTravel has thousands of Campaigners who are interested in learning about fundraising and traveling. Publishing your articles on FundMyTravel will add credit to your name as an author and to your writing portfolio.
  2. Sharing with Our Community: FundMyTravel strives to create a sense of community with all of our users. Your post – insight, tips, advice – will definitely be a source of information and encouragement for other people who want to travel abroad.
  3. Featured Bio: With each post that you write you will be able to include a short bio (75 word limit) with a link to your prefered social media channels, website, or blog. You will also be able to include a headshot with your bio, which you will submit with any other photos that go along with your post.

What to Expect After Submitting a Pitch

  1. If your pitch has been accepted, we will contact you via email to provide requirement details for the article.
  2. After your draft is submitted we will be in contact with you to request any edits/changes, photos and any other details we many need from you for your blog.
  3. Keep in mind that ALL content MUST be original and unpublished work.


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  2. Hello Admin,

    I am Sam; I own sites related to passport service, tickets booking. I am associated with travel industry for last couple of years and like to contribute articles in several other travel sites and blogs. Recently I came across your website https://www.fundmytravel.com/ and would like to contribute one article for this.

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  3. Shawn Stevenson

    May 6, 2015 at 11:46 am


    I was going through your website and I read an article on “FIVE OF THE BEST PLACES TO STUDY ABROAD IN 2015”, I must say that the article is really amazing and possesses valuable information. I just loved it. You guys are doing an excellent job.

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    I am searching for new opportunities to feature my clients on great travel websites like yours. So, I wanted to get in touch to enquire about any advertising or collaborative opportunities you currently have available on https://www.fundmytravel.com/blog/

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    If you prefer to provide a content angle, or to write content yourself, this is also something we are open to – It is your blog and your audience, we just want to share some useful content with you and yours.

    It would be great to know if the above would be of interest to you and if you have any branding guidelines that you could send across?

    I look forward to your reply.

    • Hello, thank you for your comment! If you are interested in writing for the FundMyTravel blog please fill out the Write for Us Form found on this page. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

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  8. Hello sir,

    I am a Travel Lover. I want ​to ​write a free guest post related India Travel Tips, Guide, Advice & Information on this website so please give me some link.

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    • Hello, Thanks for stopping by the FundMyTravel blog! If you are interested in writing for us please fill out the write for us form found on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!
      The FundMyTravel team

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    My Name is Mark Thompson and I blog over at The Lifestyle Marketer.

    I really like your blog and noticed that you accept guest posts and wondered if you’d be open to accepting one from me.

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    • Hi Mark, Thanks for stopping by the FundMyTravel blog! If you are interested in writing for us please fill out the write for us form found on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!
      The FundMyTravel team

  11. Hello! Thank you for your comment. If you would like to write for the FundMyTravel blog please fill out the write for us form found on this page. We will then respond to your inquiry. Thank you!

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    Are you still accepting them?

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    To give you an idea of the quality I will be able to offer for your site, here are a few samples I’ve previously written:

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  18. Great. I would love to write too. And i have already filled in the form. Hope to hear from you soon . Thanks Admin in advance.

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