Help Lenora to go see the Atlanta Symphony

Lenora Battles Start Date: Jan 24, 2017 - End Date: Apr 1, 2017
  • Atlanta, GA, United States of America

My Travel Story

by: Lenora Battles Start Date: Jan 24, 2017 - End Date: Apr 1, 2017
My name is Lenora Battles and I am a junior at Q.I Roberts Jr Sr High and Cambridge Advanced Studies. I am enrolled in the symphonic band where I play the clarinet, and have been since 9th grade. Since I decided to join band I've since found out that I have more of a passion for it than I ever would have thought. I find so much joy in playing my instrument and dedicate a lot of time practicing and critiquing myself to become a better player. When I first enrolled in the band program in 9th grade, I started off in beginning band, as it was my first year playing any type of instrument. Constantly pushing my self to practice and improve payed off when half way through the year, my band instructor approached me saying he wanted to advance me to the symphonic band. Hearing this I was surprised, and knowing that he thought I was good enough to even consider moving me up in the program only fueled my passion more. A couple of months ago, my most recent band teacher pulled me into his office, and spoke to me about my future playing clarinet. He told me that I could obtain numerous scholarships with my instrument, and applauded my playing abilities and techniques. Recalling these events isn't me trying to brag, which I hope that isn't the way it comes off. Though with that being said, the end of the year band trip was the main topic of discussion between my band teacher and I. I had been behind in paying my Band fees which are $100 each year. He asked me if there was anything he could do to help me get them paid, as the band fees had to be paid before you could start making payments on the field trip. Though my band fees have since been paid off, I still have the cost of the trip looming over my head. One thing he also said to me was "this band is not going on this field trip without you." I felt extremely appreciated to hear him say that. The trip to Atlanta will consist of the students going to see the Atlanta symphony in Georgia and performing in the 'Southern Star' music festival. I cannot express how important going on this field trip is to me. The thought of going to see and hear a professional band play makes me feel giddy inside, and I could stand to learn something about my future in music, and increase my love for it. I'm sure this will be an educational and learning experience, coupled with performing at the festival will challenge the band as a whole. I am asking anyone to please help me to fund this trip, and help me take steps into a future with music.
  • Atlanta, GA, United States of America