Neo's Flight Against Depression

Abhinav Pandey Start Date: Oct 9, 2016 - End Date: Nov 17, 2016
  • Reykjavík, Iceland

My Travel Story

by: Abhinav Pandey Start Date: Oct 9, 2016 - End Date: Nov 17, 2016
Depresssion (noun)
de·pres·sion /dəˈpreSH(ə)n/

A simple three-sylllable dictionary word that has changed countless lives in our society. At some point of time, someone in our family, our friend circle, our acquiantances, our colleagues or we ourselves have faced this condition. It is an uphill battle: a constant struggle between us and our inner being. It rots us like a stump from the inside-out and before anybody else comes to know, the damage has already been done.

I have been a victim of depression, though I never thought I would ever fall prey to this demon but then, life took a sharp nosedive! It is one of the hardest psychological conditions to diagnose in the world as the symptoms don't manifest themselves easily on the surface. There are days when you need to find a reason to get out of bed, when familiar faces begin to seem stranger, when you feel like you don't belong and you have lost your sense of purpose. It puts shackles on your feet and no matter how hard you try, it only becomes harder to get out of that ditch. But this is not just my story. Today, countless individuals are suffering from depression and are wandering clueless looking for answers as to how to deal with this condition. I felt the same, with no support from anywhere and it seemed that all was lost.

But, I found my solace in traveling. It made me feel alive again and gave me another perspective to look at life. Sometimes, the simplicity of nature was the answer to my complicated problems, at other times I came across people with their life stories who confronted their own situation with courage, persistence and said no to ever give up. It was never an escape, but instead bought me closer to myself in getting to know myself better as an individual who albeit infinitesimally small could still find his perfect place to fit into the universe like clockwork. Now, it is my time to reach out to other people who are on the same boat, inspire them to confront their worst fears and keep traveling in this journey called life.

So there's no stopping me now... this is my fight, or better still, flight against depression and it's a one-way ticket to a destination called hope!
  • Reykjavík, Iceland