Khardine Edwards-Llanwern High African Adventures 2019.

Khardine Edwards Start Date: Feb 2, 2018 - End Date: Feb 1, 2019
  • Nakuru, Nakuru County, Kenya

My Travel Story

by: Khardine Edwards Start Date: Feb 2, 2018 - End Date: Feb 1, 2019
My name is Khardine and I am a student at Llanwern High School.
I, along with 22 other students have been given the amazing chance to fly to Kenya in July 2019. Where we will be volunteering in a school teaching under-priviledged children and helping to build facilities for the local communities.

We will be travelling with a volunteer organisation called African Adventures. African adventures works with schools in poverty stricken areas. 
Our work with the children will be very rewarding and hopefully we will be able to provide a fundamental education for them, I wish to give them a better learning environment and volunteering will do that. 
Volunteering will allow us to build new classrooms for the children so that there is more space for smaller, more intimate classes and students who have chosen to teach instead will be able to give the children the attention they deserve. The classes will be fun for the children and they will be learning and improving their knowledge as well. 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am extremely excited about embarking on this journey. I feel this trip will be very fulfilling and emotionally beneficial for me and will help me grow as a person. 

Being exposed to their lifestyle and culture will be an eye-opening experience, enabling me to witness firsthand the struggles they face and I am sure it will change my perspective on life. 

I am very compassionate and empathetic. I feel this will help me to create a personal and lasting bond with the children and locals. By opening my heart to them, I hope to have a positive impact on their lives as well as my own. 

I will be fundraisng in a variety of different ways and I will post updates on this page as much as possible to alert you of any upcoming events.

I would be incredibly grateful for any donation, big or small. I hope you will kindly support me in fundraising for this unforgettable adventure. 

Thank you so much! x

  • Nakuru, Nakuru County, Kenya