Next stop PERU with World Vets !

Kathleen Pitrola Start Date: Aug 17, 2016 - End Date: Jan 3, 2017
  • Cusco, Peru

My Travel Story

by: Kathleen Pitrola Start Date: Aug 17, 2016 - End Date: Jan 3, 2017
I  LOVE being a Vet Tech and hope to use my skills in other capacities aside from working at my job everyday. Having this life experience will help me to share and inspire other Vet Techs to do the same ! I think stepping outside of our comfort zone is good and creates energy that is positive. I'd like to go to Peru to work with World Vets as a Veterinary Technician! I feel that it is important to reach out and help others to understand why it is essential to provide quality care to their pets. I am lucky in that I have a supportive family who will care for my pets while I am away. Giving my time and energy to a cause such as this makes me feel like I've made a connection behind the workplace. Your donations are greatly appreciated .
  • Cusco, Peru


  • Nov. 1 And Outside

    Nov. 1  And Outside
    Nov.1 and outside. I LOVE IT ! So do my dogs. A 40 cat spay/neuter day and I get to come home and hang outdoors with the dogs.. How l am lucky? Featured here are Shenzi, Carmie and Winston ( my brothers dog)
  • Carmelina

    I adopted Carmie from the SPCA . She was actually "planned", unlike most of the pets I have . She came shortly before my Dad had died and so when he did , I had an adorable little needy personality to keep me on track. Thank goodness for this little one. I think she kept my whole family on track during my Dads passing . I think it's important to know the stories of how pet owners acquired their pets.