Help Me To See My 5yr Old Son

Karolis Jukna Start Date: Jun 27, 2017 - End Date: Jun 26, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Karolis Jukna Start Date: Jun 27, 2017 - End Date: Jun 26, 2018
Hello, my name is Karolis. I want Your help to fund my trip to see my son Dominykas who lives with his mom 3000km from where I am.  At the moment I live in Spain and I came here to start my business and find home under the sun.
Not everything went as planned, and this situation is even worse than my worst case scenario. My business failed and the accommodation situation is on the line also. I sunk my funds in starting a business, and at this moment money is scares. When everything is put together it seems that the world is ending or the floor is slipping from under my feet.

In a weeks’ time my son is on the holiday from kindergarten. His mom sends me a conversation they had one recent morning:
She asked – Soon your holiday will start. What would you like to do during your free time?
His answer was - We are going to take two planes ant two train rides, and we are going to see dad.

He mentioned two planes and trains, which was the way I had to travel last time, and I was telling him the story while showing the pictures I took for him to show how long I had to travel to see him and what I saw during the trip. He was amazed and interested and I think it became one of those memories that get stuck in the head for ages. I would like to make more memories for him that lasts.

I really need to see my son who is a spark and joy of my life. I did not see him for almost 5 months which is a very long time for a son not to see his dad and vice versa.

It is the sweetest thing ever, but at the same time it is sad, because it is not going to work (his holiday plan)… not all the relationships end well, I mean the adults, and the only way is for me to go there. It is a goal to see Dominykas  as much as possible, because I am his dad and he is my son. It is very important.

The trouble I`m in is that the ticket prices are high at the moment and I really cannot afford it, and saying to your son that you do not have money to come to see him... This is just not right.

Everybody fails from time to time, but this fail broke my heart.  I need a push or a kick start just to get moving again towards the success and happiness.

 Your donation will help me to buy plane and train tickets and depending on the prices, if there will be extra, it will go towards a present of an RC or his dreamed trampoline, the rest I will donate to a good cause on this website. But Quality time with a dad is the best present ever.  I miss my dad till this day and wish he spent more time with me, I lost him at a young age, so I understand how important quality time is.

It is the time when everything is falling apart, and a little help/push would be a huge thing which would lead towards success and happiness.

Thank You for your time spent reading this, your donation or a share.  Peace, love and happiness.
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