Take me Down Under

Nanna Bachmand Jensen Start Date: Nov 11, 2016 - End Date: May 29, 2017
  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australien

My Travel Story

by: Nanna Bachmand Jensen Start Date: Nov 11, 2016 - End Date: May 29, 2017
Yes, no doubt that this trip will impact my education and career. I will improve my academic English, I will expand my proffessional network and I will achieve more resources for the following internship.
BUT, more importantly I will grow, as a person. And that is what I am aiming for. 
Unfortunately I have been fighting chronical pain and movement limitations, which resulted in depression. I was badly injured in my back, and needed severe surgeries. The surgeries helped on my nerve pain, and got me out of bed. I even moved to Copenhagen from Aarhus on my own, and I manage. 
I have fought so hard, and I feel that it is time for me to finally live my life again and actually enjoy it, becausse right now, I am not. It almost feels impossible in the surroundings that I find myself in everyday. I constantly experience things that I can't, and it is starting to be too hard. I believe that a big change like this, will help me experience things that I can, even with my pain and limitations, in a new and exciting environment.
Help me fund my trip to Melbourne and help me enjoy myself again. No more sadness and pain. Only big smiles.
  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australien


  • Applying For Scholarships And Funds!

    Applying for scholarships and funds!
    Today I spent all afternoon on printing, signing and sending all the applications I've worked on the last couple of months.
    Wish me luck!

    This photo shows my handball team.
    Being a part of this team, was one of the greatest experiences I had as a handball player.
    I miss playing with this team and coach every single day.

Adventure Registry

  • Two big suitcases.