Volunteering 5 Projects 4 Month 3 Countries in South America

Angela Zinni Start Date: Oct 1, 2016 - End Date: May 28, 2017
  • Ecuador
  • Costa Rica
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My Travel Story

by: Angela Zinni Start Date: Oct 1, 2016 - End Date: May 28, 2017
Hi! First, I want to thank you for visiting this page. Your time and generosity is much appreciated. 

My passion for Latin and South America started already in 2007 when I was living in El Salvador and later on had the possibility to work in Brazil and Argentina. I feel in love with the people, the culture and the different way of living. Of course, I also saw that there is a lot of poverty, lack of education and corruption.

My way of giving back is by participating as Volunteer in 5 different projects in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Belize. I would like to rise awareness to different topis. Your donation will contribute directly to help reforestation, wildlife conservation, sustainable and organic farming and increasing Eco Tourism.


My adventure starts 20.January 2017 in Nanegal, Province Pichincha in Ecuador. Here I will stay for 3 weeks and my main tasks will be helping in reforestation, working on the organic farm, participate in agricultural project, maintenance of the Orchid and hummingbird garden and oversee Eco Tourists.

Next Stop will be Paraiso de Cartago, Province Cartago in Costa Rica. Here I will also stay for 3 weeks and the goal for this stay is to develop and eco-friendly lifestyle. I will be working on the farm and learn about sustainable agriculture, clean energy, eco-friendly technologies and recycling.

Project number 3 will take me for 3 weeks to the City of Buenos Aires, Costa Rica (not in Argentina) This farm is self-supported and I will be working on the organic farm, feed and milk the goats and help harvesting coffee on the plantation. I will also learn about medical plants and oversee the Eco Tourists.

Last stay in Costa Rica will be in Pacuare, Region of Limon at the Caribbean coast. My 2 weeks stay will entail to save the eggs of the sea turtles to ensure the increase of their population worldwide. During night rounds, I will be searching for nests and save the turtle eggs from predators. In the Bio lab, the eggs will be incubated and later on, the tiny turtles will be released on the beach again.

Last Project is in Sarteneja, Belize, and is all about wildlife conservation. I will stay 4 weeks in the Manatee Rehabilitation Centre and the Primate Rehabilitation Centre taking care of animals, preparing food, bottle-feeding when necessary, clean up pools and cages and monitor behavior until fit enough for release into wilderness. (Link below)

I will be posting pictures to my Instagram and journal entries on my blog as frequently as I can. Links will be on the page in January.
  • Ecuador
  • Costa Rica
  • Belize