One More Chance to Visit Japan ❤️(Long Distance Relationship)

Kirie Quackenbush Start Date: Jun 11, 2018 - End Date: Mar 10, 2019

My Travel Story

by: Kirie Quackenbush Start Date: Jun 11, 2018 - End Date: Mar 10, 2019
In Fall 2017, I left everything behind to study abroad in Tokyo for an entire semester! There, I learned so much more about life and myself, and made huge changes that would change everything I knew when I came back home. One of those changes was meeting someone who also had his eyes opened to new horizons and, needless to say, we formed a very supportive relationship. Having returned from Japan to go back home, culture shock hit us extremely hard. And with him living in New Jersey and me living in Michigan, it’s difficult to deal with in an even more extreme level, because not only have we lost what we found in Japan, but we also don’t have each other around. 

We both graduate next year, which means we’ll soon start trying to figure out how to live near each other and be adults contributing to society on our own! But before we start drowning in bills, we want a chance to return to Japan, together, and rekindle the flame that ignited so much inspiration in us to start, just to remember it’s still there.

(We also both have Japanese friends there that we miss dearly, and seeing them again would mean the world to us, as we know most of them cannot come to America for several reasons.)