Lion breeding - Help me to help the lions

Sofia Beckman Start Date: Apr 29, 2016 - End Date: Jan 28, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Sofia Beckman Start Date: Apr 29, 2016 - End Date: Jan 28, 2017
Hello everyone,
Thank you for takinf ypour time reading about my incentive to make a different to the world.

About the project:
This project aims to increase the lion population in Africa and reduce the risk of inbreeding. The number of lions in Africa has declined significantly in recent decades and in an attempt to increase the population and bringing in "healthy" genes into the existing lion strain, this project has been developed and established a 4-stage model for adapting the lions back to the wild, which was invented/created in collaboration with researchers.

If you as a sponsor wish to recieve marketing for exchange, I will show your loggo/name at my blogg and in all my powerpoints as sponsor/contributor or if you wish to be anonymous, I do respect that. Is there anything else that I can to to thank you for your gift, please contact me and we can discuss it furher. 

I do hope you find my person interesting and my aim to contribute to this project as important as I do. Feel free to contact me for more information about me, my projects or the values I believe in or if there is anything I can do for you. 

Cheers to you all
  • South Africa