Charlotte's Sri Lankan Mental Health Placement!

Charlotte Hek Start Date: Sep 26, 2016 - End Date: Apr 23, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Charlotte Hek Start Date: Sep 26, 2016 - End Date: Apr 23, 2017
  • TEFL/Teach Abroad
  • Volunteer Trip
  • Professional Development
Hello everyone! I'm Charlotte and as of 5th June 2017 I will be volunteering for 5 weeks on a Mental Health Placement in Sri Lanka! The group SLV was founded back in 2010 by recent graduates and has been working ever since with not only Sri Lanka, but Bali and now India as well. 

I'm currently studying Psychology in my second year at university and wanted to gain some hands on experience relevant to my degree, SLV provided me with the perfect way to do this! For the duration of my trip I'll be living like a local with a host family along with other volunteers in my group. Whilst out in Sri Lanka I will be working with individuals with mental health issues one day a week, as well as project work with children, teaching English and working with individuals of all ages with special needs. After a one week-long induction I will then be working with the other volunteers to run sessions with these groups, allowing them to engage with others and learn a new skill or game at the same time! 

This programme is completely voluntary therefore I won't recieve any payment, however there is a cost for me to go so I've began this campaign to start fundraising for my trip! All of the money raised goes to SLV and contibutes towards food, accommodation, and around the clock support from both the Sri Lankan/national team. 

Now this is where you come in! I would be more than grateful for any and all donations towards my placement and over the next few months I will be fundraising and running different events to get to my total. For more information please feel free to ask me any questions or even head over to the SLV website or YouTube channel which explains more about what they do and why!

Thank you so much in advance and I will be keeping everyone updated on my progress leading up to as well as after taking part in this really exciting experience!

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  • The Big One

    The Big One
    Being away at university it's always easy to get carried away and forget to update the people back at home on a regular basis. Of course holidays give me the chance to catch up however the big updates are hard to do individually. I recently sent a letter back home to be advertised at my local church, telling everyone what I'll be getting up to while I'm in Sri Lanka and since reaching out to my wonderful church family I've received so much support! They have all watched me grow up and shown interest in school, work, university, etc and I honestly cannot thank them enough!

    The support from back home has managed to push my current fundraising to just over £1,000 meaning I'm ever closer to reaching my total! Once again a huge thank you to everyone that has contributed so far, this would not have been possible without you all!
  • Career Development Award!

    Career Development Award!
    Every year the Department of Psychology at the University of Portsmouth give students the opportunity to apply for an award where money is granted to those taking part in activities that help progress their career development.

    Back in October 2016 I applied for this award in order to contribute towards my placement in Sri Lanka as this is a trip that gives me the chance to gain experience in a professional and psychological setting as well as teaching me so many invaluable new skills. After being shortlisted and invited to an interview I am pleased to announce that I have been granted a £250 award which brings my current fundraising total to £905!

    Receiving this award means so much and I am happy to have the support from my lecturers and departmental staff who also believe this placement is beneficial for me and my future career in Psychology!

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