My Last Hope to College Abroad!

Muhammad Firghili Start Date: Nov 28, 2017 - End Date: Jan 26, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Muhammad Firghili Start Date: Nov 28, 2017 - End Date: Jan 26, 2018
My story so far...
My story may be similar to hundred of thousands of students out there. A student, with a dream and pursuit for higher quality education abroad, that found himself in dire need of support in the middle of very difficult financial situation. My dad used to have to same dream too, always wanted to study abroad, even made a list of his dream universities (he even included Harvard as his top list) in his antique notebook that, until this day, is still in his possession. Due to circumstances however, that dream is beyond his reach today. Now he believes, that if he cannot achieve it, his children ought to. Since day one in my secondary school, he motivated me , 'that I have to try and pursue a quality education abroad'. It really pushed me, inspired me even.
    I have applied to multiple schools in different countries, The US, Australia, Netherland, and New Zealand, to find myself accepted to most that I applied, sadly to get turned down soon after when I realize, that it may not be viable after all. Consequently, my time to go to college has been delayed for 2 years now.  My dad never openly discuss our financial issue until late after when the response deadline is right around the corner.

If You Can't Afford it, then Why Still Pursue it? 
Not long ago, this dream was not that impossible to pursue. My dad used to have a stable job, savings were planned, everything was in order. However, life is a rollercoaster after all, not so long after, a turn of event happened, oil price started to drop, my dad was part of a redundancy plan of his company. The savings my dad planned for many years grew thinner until it completely depleted over the 3 years of unemployment. I believe, this should not affect my dream, if I can achieve this, I would be an inspiration for my siblings, and for anyone out there who is going through the same.     

So, What is Different This Time?
After finally finding out the financial situation I am in, mostly from eavesdroppping from my parents conversation, I decide to change my strategy, I applied to a univerity in Turkey, an affordable yet globally competitive one, and luckily have been granted a merit-based tuition waiver that covers 75% of the fee. 

Great, So now, What am I funding?
  Right now, the biggest concern for me is the travel expense there, which plays a huge part in my journey to college. This includes plane ticket, transportation (Taxi), and a dormitory fee for a year. Now I know it may seem too short to fundraise such amount, but I am taking any amount that will assist me and relief the burden of my parents (so far they are not aware of such amazing website, I wanted to surprise them). I am hoping that this kind and generous community will help me achieve this dream. Any help will truly be appreciated! 

Final Message..
My biggest wish right now is simply to relief the burden of my parents. I believe that if I can achieve this, I could continue on and become a motivator for fellow students around the world that may be experiencing the same situation. I am reaching out to whomever is concerned, people who believe that education matters to this extent, to help me get there, and be an inspiration for others. Now If it is still a burden for you to donate, I would also truly appreciate it if you can spread the word. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool to help people too.

Feel free to message me on Facebook (Under my listed name) if you have more questions or you just wanted to know how my progress goes!

  • Lefkosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Turkey