Kenzy's London Internship!

K S Start Date: Oct 26, 2017 - End Date: Jul 2, 2018
  • London, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: K S Start Date: Oct 26, 2017 - End Date: Jul 2, 2018
Hi, everyone!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to see Europe—specifically, the United Kingdom. Everything about Western Europe and the United Kingdom seems magical to me, between the history, the beautiful landscapes, the diversity and variety of people, cultures and languages, my own familial heritage, and the opportunity to make new connections (and also Harry Potter). Although I never took advantage of Study Abroad programs during college, I disovered a company called The Intern Group, that offers undergraduate and graduate students alike the opportunity to intern abroad, as long as you begin your internship within a year of graduating.

Each year The Intern Group receives close to 30,000 applications, but only accepts about 2,000 applicants total for their programs across 11 different countries. I applied for placement and was ACCEPTED!!! I am still reeling and trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I was CHOSEN to have this amazing opportunity!! I set my start date for September 1st of next year and will be overseas for 3 months (and home in time for Christmas)!

I will be saving as much as I can from my part-time job, selling a bunch of my belongings online, clipping lots of coupons, taking some extra work online, and hoarding any scholarship/grant or birthday/Christmas/graduation money I come across. If I work my butt off this year, I am hoping to raise about $8000 for this trip on my own, which would cover the $7000 Intern Group program fee along with the total cost of my work visa. This fee includes actual placement at an internship, a long list of orientation and career training opportunities, housing and public transportation for the entire stay, and social and cultural events for participants to meet (including afternoon teas, a visit to the London Eye and cruise along the Thames, and a theater night in the West End). Included is also a 24-hour support team to pick me up and drop me off at the airport, orient me to the city and help me with any questions or issues along the way. 

Unfortunately, this still leaves about $3000 that I would need, between applying for my passport, purchasing travel insurance, buying plane tickets to and from London, food and drink during my stay, and hopefully some travel opportunities to places that I have only dreamed of seeing. I have never wanted to be the person shoving their crowdfunding campaign in the faces of all of their friends, family and Facebook acquaintances, but this is too big of an opportunity for me give up on. I have around 500 Facebook friends, and if each friend were able to donate $6, I would reach my goal.

I'm planning on participating in an internship within a non-profit or NGO where I can continue to grow and use my new social work skills, advocating for change and working with youth, families and children, public health, social policy, community projects and development, or anything else I can do to help better the society that I would be so happy and lucky to get to live in. Once January of 2019 rolls around, I will need to hunker down and begin focusing on repaying my student loans, so this really is my last chance at an experience living abroad.

Please consider helping me out, even if you only have a dollar or two to spare. As I said, even a $6 donation from the majority of my Facebook friends would get me to my goal. I know that there are a lot more worthy causes out there, but I would be so appreciative of any help. I am going to work my hardest to afford this trip, but I honestly am going to need some help to get there. Thank you so much for reading, regardless of if you decide to donate. <3

Here are some links if you want some more information about The Intern Group or some of the things program participants can expect in London!
  • London, United Kingdom


  • McKensey Samsen, MSSW!

    McKensey Samsen, MSSW!
    I OFFICIALLY FINISHED MY MASTER'S DEGREE! I can't believe it!! Now all that separates me and my London internship are lots of studying for my licensing exam, visiting home for the first time since Christmas, and the rest of my trip fees (which are going to be due next month). I am still short of my goal, so if any of you are able to help out, even the smallest amount counts!
  • Update!

    Hey, guys! Just an update - I have officially paid off a third of my fees since I was accepted into this program around Halloween (mostly thanks to Christmas and tax returns, along with as much as I could save from my part-time job). As of yesterday, we are in the official 6 MONTH countdown to my start date! <3