Australian Volunteering in Kathmandu, Nepal!

Mitchell Campion Start Date: Mar 1, 2015 - End Date: May 29, 2015
  • Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

My Travel Story

by: Mitchell Campion Start Date: Mar 1, 2015 - End Date: May 29, 2015

G'day, my names Mitchell!

I recently contributed my time and effort in a small program in Kathmandu, Nepal, helping a self run Animal Shelter and Childrens home with "Workaway".

In my time spent helping, i grew a passionate love and respect for all Nepali people, and the family that took me into their everyday lives. I left Nepal extremely humbled and inspired to continue my work for the country in any way i possibly can.

This time i wish to return with a little help from others, helping this family once again for an extented period of time.

Nepal is a landlocked country inbetween India and China, and is home to the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. Government corruption has demined the progression of the nations people, and many of them recieve any benefits from the government at all.

Nepal at the moment is rising with the influx of tourists coming from all across the world to embark on the incredible treks offered all across the country. Sometimes this isn't enough to sustain a nation, and exterior hands on projects are needed to support individual familys that are trying their best in a bad situation.

I met a family in Chamati, Kathmandu that took me into their private project of an Animal Shelter to help support children earn extra money to help with day to day activities. I became a cornerstone in the family, and consider them family. I set out to do everything i can to help, and spend as much as my time with my brothers and sisters as possible. This is my opportunity.

I hope to recieve a positive response to this, and i will keep everyone updated on my mission work along the way!

Anyone who contributes $10-30 dollars will recieve a personalised postcard from me, either from Nepal or Australia. 40 and above and i will send a souvonir from Nepal when i touch down. When donating, please contact me on: to send me your details for my thankyou gift.

Thank you!

Dandiabad. Cheers. Mitchell :)

  • Kathmandu 44600, Nepal