Help me photograph the top of the world

Daniel Mirlea Start Date: Nov 24, 2016 - End Date: Mar 23, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Daniel Mirlea Start Date: Nov 24, 2016 - End Date: Mar 23, 2017
I'm raising money because I want to follow my dream, to capture and share the beauty of the world. Photo tours are not really cheap, and the necessary equipment are pretty expensive, especially for the type of photography I want to make (because it's not just pressing a button on a camera, it's about thinking and waiting a lot for a moment).

The money will be used to buy me necessary equipment to travel in Nepal and to buy a plane ticket. This is the equipments I need:
- (1400 USD)
- (949 USD)
- (825 USD)
- (549 USD)
- other (tshirts, fleeces etc.)

I need all of these because in that time of the year is very cold (more than -30 C) and we will sleep in a tent at more than 4500 m altitude.

This photo-tour it will take place in October 2017, and its duration will be 2-3 weeks. If some external causes this can't be accomplished, I will go a month on Scandinavia to shoot the musks, reindeer, Aurora Borealis or in Antarctica.

I need the funds until March 2017, cause I will need to get be prepared for the adventure I want to go on (from weeks in the mountains to sleeping just in a tent on all that duration).

This means a lot for me because I want to follow my dream to become a professional photographer, to show the nature in whole its beauty and details. If you want to see my work until now, please check my:
- website:
- 500px account:

* The photos I've attached are just some photography samples made by myself in some photo tours.