Struggling for a once in a lifetime internship

Felix Huynh Start Date: Jun 11, 2018 - End Date: Jun 10, 2019
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My Travel Story

by: Felix Huynh Start Date: Jun 11, 2018 - End Date: Jun 10, 2019
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Professional Development
  • Study/Degree Abroad
Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting my page :)

My name is Felix Huynh, i'm 24 years old and i live in Sweden. Today im working for the company named PwC.

I have almost finished my bachelors degree, i only have the thesis left.  

I recently have had an opportunity to go abroad for an unpaid internship, but i do not have the finance for it. I have a lot of studie debts from taking loans, and i have to provide also for my family.

In my mind it is only childrens/young adults that comes from wealthy families that have all these possibilites and opportunities in life to travel, study and doing internships internationally.

I have worked hard my life to be where i'am today, i never had connections or knew people that could help me with stuffs to climb in career. I have always had to find my own rough way.

Today i would like some help financially so that i can attend this abroad internship to gain more work experience and develop myself personally. This internship is only for experience, it is unpaid.

I want to one day be able to  make a change in the future, i want to help us all make managerial decisions that can improve the world and the life standards for those that has it rough. I want to be able to make a change. My dream and goal is to become a good leader and manager that people respect and look up to, i want to help myself and the people around me to build a better world and society.

I would love to go Singapore for that kind of internship because it is a very interesting rising market. My goal is to go there 2-3 months, but if i cant get enough money i can go 1 month to Manilla Philippines.

Option 1 Singapore: 2 month $7,890, 3 month $9,690.
Option 2 Manilla:1 month: $4,690

Link to the rates :
All i want is money for the program fee.

I'm very serious and honest with my crowdfunding, this is my dream to go abroad for internship.
The reason i want this experience is because it will help me with the career and to become more attactive in the labor market.

I want to show that your money is not going to waste, so i write my E-mail adress here as you can also see on the attached picture. 

My goal is to apply for the program 2019 October.
Please send me a message if you have made a donation, i would like to share pictures with you good people that have helped me achieve one of my life goals and dreams, and so that you can see that the money invested was worth it. So you can see me in the host company and the country. I will send you pictures from the trip :)

If there is any other information you want or anything else. Please just send me a message and i can provide that.

Lastly, this is very meaningful to me, because i come from a lower income family, and i know that struggle, nothing comes unless you are willing to work for it. I want to be able to give my familly a better life in the future, i want to show those that looked down on people like me, people who has it easy and everything served. I also want to show other people that are smiliar to me that you can achieve your goals, you just need to keep searching, working and never stop. 

Never give up, and one day everything will become better.

Thank you all again for visiting me and my crowdfunding page. Thank you so much for helping me out!

Kind regards,

Felix Huynh

  • Singapore
  • Manila, Philippines