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Nichole Anderson Start Date: Aug 24, 2016 - End Date: Oct 17, 2016
  • Orlando, FL, United States of America

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by: Nichole Anderson Start Date: Aug 24, 2016 - End Date: Oct 17, 2016
I am in a friend's wedding the will take place towards the end of October in Hollywood, Florda.  I have a enough money to get myself down there for that, but due to their father's work schedule and the lack of support system I have to take my children as well.  I would love for us all to go anyway, since they have never been on a formal vacation.
It has been a rough year, I stayed home because their father injured hes leg and could not drive to work.  If he had taken medical leave, they were only going to pay hime 65% of his salary. So I spent half a year driving him and our children to school and work daily.  We live in Philadelphia and they have to attend charter schools.  Not every school has buses. Their father works 30 minutes outside of the city.  By the time he recovered, i began to apply for jobs, but I was unable to find anything in time before the kids got out of school.  Great summer camps cost around 150+ per week and with two kids, it was just too much this summer.  So with Summer winding down, I am attempting to find a job again, but theres much urgency.  I need to rent a car to drive down, I can't afford 3 plane tickets, round trip gas and a hotel and a rental.  After the wedding, I will be driving back up to my Grandmother's so they can visit her for the very first time.  I haven't been to visit her since 2008 and it's very hard on us because we're very close.  All I am requesting is money for the rental, gas and money towards them visiting Sea World (it's the one park she can go to and it would be too crowded for a wheel cheer) My children are so appreciative little people, sweet, loving and great students.  They really deserve this trip.  Their teachers even agreed to mark the trip as educational, so we will some historical sites and will make the Sea World trip a science lesson.  They absolutely love animals an science! My Grandma is 93 and you just never know how much time you have left with someone, that is the only reason why I am turning to this site. I hope to be in a better situation in a matter of weeks, so even if my goal is not made, I believe that everything will work out.  Thank you.
  • Orlando, FL, United States of America