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Eva Mkhatswa Start Date: Oct 10, 2016 - End Date: Dec 8, 2016

My Travel Story

by: Eva Mkhatswa Start Date: Oct 10, 2016 - End Date: Dec 8, 2016
Hello my name is Eva Mkatshwa I’m 19

I’m a dreamer, lover of life and books


I’m from South Africa a beautiful and an interesting country. We also called the rainbow nation, you can find so many cultures and languages its amazing. Having grown up in the rainbow nation, I’ve developed a love of cultures and languages. I’m Swati by culture and I also speak English, Afrikaans and Zulu and some Xhosa. We have 11 official languages, I understand some of the other 6. I believe if you want to learn a new language you need to spend time with the people, I don’t really know the other 6 because I never grew up around the speakers. Learning a language isn’t just about learning the language but also the history of people cause a language can tell you a lot about the people.                                                             
 I want to learn to learn Manderian (one of the most difficult languages in the world, I really love a challenge). Best way to learn is to go to the other side of the wall, be around the speakers, and eat what they eat. I think being an Au pair, is the best way to so this because not only can you learn the language but you have a family to practice with, you get to a cultural exchange, you get to be a rolmodel type, you get to travel, eat interesting food, see history almost everywhere you go and of course take a lots and a lots of pictures.

I think I would make a good au pair cause I’m an aunt and leave with 2 of my nieces. I’ve been helping them with homework since I was around 12/13. Our home language is Zulu so I know how to explain English terminology to a non-English speaker and also how to talk to kids.

Travel, culture and reading are my passions

Thank you for reading :)