Help me take my 70 year old mother to Israel

Ruth Anne Start Date: Oct 30, 2017 - End Date: Feb 26, 2018

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by: Ruth Anne Start Date: Oct 30, 2017 - End Date: Feb 26, 2018
Hi everyone.

My name is Anna and I'm looking for funds to take my mother to Israel next year on her 70th birthday.

My mother is a great woman of God and one of her greatest desires before she leaves this world is to visit Israel. She says she would love to see the place where Jesus was born and many of the other places mentioned in the bible.

I promised her several years ago that I would one day take her and my father to Israel. I even started saving money for the trip. Unfortunately, in June last year, my father was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. I used all the money I was trying to save for the trip on his treatment. Since the cancer was advanced, my dear father died in September last year.

I still feel really bad that my father died before I could take him to Israel (he was also a great believer). I'm hoping that I can raise money to take my dear mother to Israel as it is one of the greatest desires of her heart.

I will deeply appreciate all your help.