Pursuing a Passion in Peace

Elly Oltersdorf Start Date: Aug 1, 2018 - End Date: Sep 19, 2018
  • Jerusalem, Israel

My Travel Story

by: Elly Oltersdorf Start Date: Aug 1, 2018 - End Date: Sep 19, 2018

I'm Elly! I'm 23, graduated from UC Davis last year with a degree in history (emphasis in history of the Middle East) and a double minor in Jewish Studies and Human Rights. For the last year I have worked as a homeless victims advocate with a local non-profit, Empower Yolo. Last month I was accepted into Achvat Amim, a 5-month-long program based in Jerusalem that offers incredible opportunities for on-the-ground human rights work! I have four years of experience studying the conflict and organizing against the occupation and am excited for this opportunity to put my experience to work. The program cost is a total of $9,000 including room and board. I will be pouring all of my work savings from the last several years into this program. As the program is unpaid, I am hoping to raise a total of $1,500 to help alleviate the burden of the cost and retain enough money to afford basic necessities when I am abroad. I deeply appreciate any help that you can afford, whether $5 or $500. It makes a huge difference. If you want to reach out to the director of Achvat Amim (Daniel Roth), he can be reached at daniel@achvatamim.org 

Achvat Amim offers a large network of human rights and social justive organzations including Rabbis for Human Rights, Tent of Nations (a sustainable farm in the West Bank), Ir Amim (focused on social and political equality in Jerusalem), the Encounter program, Combatants for Peace, the Palestine-Israel Journal and many others. By working with local organizations, I will be able to be a part of the movement towards justice on the ground. I will also be learning Arabic and Hebrew through the program. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and appreciate any assistance towards my goal!

Thank you so much. 

Elly Oltersdorf
  • Jerusalem, Israel