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Emily Yea Start Date: Oct 12, 2017 - End Date: Apr 11, 2018
  • Tokyo, Japan

My Travel Story

by: Emily Yea Start Date: Oct 12, 2017 - End Date: Apr 11, 2018
Hello everyone!✫

I am a Comparative World Literature major and English Creative Writing minor and Japanese minor in my senior year of California State University, Long Beach. Throughout my studies, I have always been particularly interested in Japanese culture which is why I decided to study abroad next spring at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan.

At Meiji, I will be studying manga and anime culture under their School of Global Japanese Studies. While manga and anime are both very popular here in America, it will be interesting to study them from a Japanese perspective. I am incredibly excited to be studying manga and anime because I grew up reading manga and anime and they have definitely shaped the person I am today. I hope to bring my hobbies into my field of study.

At my school's Comparative World Literature conference this past year, I presented my paper on the manga Solanin written by my favorite author of all time, Asano Inio. I analyzed the manga in regards to the Japanese term 'shakaijin/社会人,' in English directly translating to 'society person,' and what it means to their culture. I really didn't expect too much out of my paper but I received a lot of positive feedback on it, as I was the only person in my Comparative World Literature major to analyze a Japanese text. My major advisor urged me to specialize in Japanese literature and culture, as a way of representing Eastern texts in our department that was mostly filled with Western literature. 

And while I do feel that manga and anime have increased their popularilty immensely in the states, it is not as deeply researched and analyzed as much as it could be. I hope that my study abroad can help spread awareness in the potential that manga and anime have to be analyzed in regards to Japanese culture and even as masterpieces of literature, which are, for the most part, dominated by Western texts.

Because of this, I have decided that I would like to take my first step into studying Japanese literature on a deeper scale. I hope that you all can support me on my journey! 

(Also, I will be documenting my stay in Japan, and most definitely will be showing everybody my otaku adventures✫)
  • Tokyo, Japan


  • The Reason I Need Financial Assistance...

    The Reason I Need Financial Assistance...
    I realized I never wrote my reasons for creating a fundmytravel to fund for my study abroad expenses. I am a full-time student at the moment and am also currently working a minimum wage job. Sadly, it's not enough to fund for my study abroad and I do not qualify for most scholarships because I'm a senior. That is why I decided to reach out on fundmytravel (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

    To be honest, the fundmytravel goal listed ($5600) is only a portion of the total money that my study abroad requires but I'll at least be able to cover 1/3 of the total expenses from my own pocket. You guys would be helping me out tremendously by donatingଘ꒰ ๑ ˃̶ ᴗ ᵒ̴̶̷๑꒱و ̑̑ !
  • In Case You Were Wondering About The Donor Rewards...

    In case you were wondering about the donor rewards...
    A simple digital drawing gifted to $25 donors will look something like this!